Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 181 - Sis

The Coke Museum was our first stop today with plans to visit the Georgia Aquarium. We spent so much time in the museum that we decided to head home for an early dinner, pshaw!  Of course when got home and by the time I got dinner on the table it was 7 p.m.  Oh yeah it was also hot, 106, so Lisa and her Godson made the decision to go play miniature golf when it got dark and a bit cooler, (suppressing a laugh here).  We ventured out to the course which must have been new during the Civil War! Scraggly shape is a compliment for this place, but it was only $7 per person.  We also were delayed due to a very inept clerk, a young woman with a large attitude, who slowed our entrance to the fairways. By then it was cooler, 99%, but considerably much more humid. The highlight of the whole day was arriving on the 18th hole. Despite the drive back to Atlanta looks like the aquarium might have been a better choice. :-(

Day 181 - Lisa

It was 106 degrees today, apparently record breaking summer heat here in SWEATlanta!!  We decided we'd still head to the World of Coke today.  My mom the heat miser was unaffected by the heat while we stood in line in the blazing sun.  Meanwhile, Jacob and I were melting.  He looked pretty funny wiping himself down with a Kleenex over and over again.  Once inside, Jacob only had one thing on his mind, the Tasting Room.  So I'm sure he thought we "forced" him to see the other exhibitions and guess what he had fun.  Wow!  All in all, it took us about 3 hours to see it all, do some shopping in the Coke store and walk back to the truck.  We decided it was enough for the day.  Walking Centennial Park was out, the sidewalks were melting.  LOL!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 180 - Sis

So the story of the boy and his Teddy bear wasn't exactly age appropriate for my great-nephew. But after the movie we were able to make it an all age appropriate run to Baskin Robbins. It was little late and I was a little tired, and that sundae will be finished off tomorrow when I'm fully alert.  That's something to look forward to, being awake I mean.

Day 180 - Lisa

Neither of us had read much about the movie Ted.  I knew it had Mark Wahlberg in it and it was about a teddy bear that comes to life.  I did not know it was in the same vain as the Hangover, American Pie, etc.  You could tell we are tired because I did not scope this out when Jacob asked to go see it and then I asked his mom if it was ok and she did not know much about it either and said yes.  LOL!

Crass, crude, vulgar and well, pretty dang funny but also a lot of cringing because Jacob was with us.  However, the kid is like teflon, he was only focused on how hysterical the bear was and anyone who got smashed, crushed, beat up or blown up in the movie so I doubt he will be scarred for life or anything.

Aye yi yi!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 179 - Lisa

My mom found this picture to show to Jacob.  It's of my sister Yolanda, sister Alesia and cousin Monica (Jacob's mom) back on October 27, 1974.  We were camping at Hogan's Lake in California.  My parents were not expert campers so everything was an adventure.  We all woke up with headaches cause my dad pitched the tent slanted downhill.  He got so frustrated trying to light our campfire, he reached for the gasoline, poured it on the fire and blew his eyebrows off.  We had to sacrafice a jar of blueberry jam to get all the bees wasted so they'd leave us alone to eat.  And we camped next to a group of single guys who blared Ray Stevens Ahab the Arab and his other songs till about 3 in the morning.  And when I look back on this weekend I just remember it was so much FUN!

Day 179 - Sis

Today I served, well I was one among thirty in my group who were chosen for a trial but didn't make the jury.  I managed to dodge the bullet for three days this week but was notified that today was my turn and I had to show up at the courthouse by 8 a.m.   It took a round trip taxi ride to fulfill my civic duty, (not cheap), five hours of moving and sitting in three different rooms plus the courtroom itself. The judge thanked us all for willingly, (snort!), serve.  They picked only seven for this trial jury and the rest of us practically ran out of the building.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 178 - Lisa

I need this vacation so badly.  I cannot wait to get to New Orleans and s l o w things down!  Unwind and have a good time with my sister, brother-in-law Steve and my mama.  

Day 178 - Sis

My, soon to be first grade, grand-niece and I have a running feud, like many females, over who "owns" Johnny Depp.  She recently sent me a message that obviously fought the good fight to get here.  No way Autumn, you are too late, I knew about him long before I even knew you! ;-p

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 177 - Lisa

In trying to find my Godson some outdoor activities I ended up along with a basketball buying a Croquet set for us to play.  I did not anticipate it being 100 degrees every night <rolling eyes>.  He was pretty excited to give the game a try.  He set up the course on  a hill.  We didn't play uphill or downhill we played sidehill.  So naturally the balls kept rolling and rolling and rolling.  He didn't care he kept slamming the ball all over the yard working up a sweat as I dinked my ball around the course, through the little gates patiently.  LOL!  It dawned on him after his shirt was soaking wet that he was working really hard and going nowhere, meanwhile Nina was smoking him.  I told him, "that's what GodMamas are for; to prep you for life."  He then hit his ball right besides mine setting me up for the kill.  See you downhill a long long way downhill.  Life is hard kid, put on your big boy drawers!

Day 177 - Sis

This is a binder filled with operational manuals for the new appliances, warranties to fill out,  receipts from hardware stores, final signed paperwork for the purchase of the house.  I'm tired from lifting it besides thinking about all the reading I have to do and where to file all of it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 176 - Sis

When I was a kid, (no pun intended), my dad would go to the auction and buy a baby goat at least once a year.  He would bring it home with every intention of raising it to feed his wife, seven kids and whatever company that would show up.  The chink in this plan is that his children would make the goat a pet, every time. How can you see them at this age, watch them grow bigger, always entertaining and so smart, then see that pet cooked and on your dinner plate?!  Tears flowing we would refuse to eat Nanny or Billy and my father would lecture us on how lucky we were compared to those famous other countries where children were starving.  "Daddy it's hard to eat with a great big lump in your throat."  I like to bring these happy memories into others lives, your welcome.;-

Day 176 - Lisa

Once an athlete, always an athlete.  Mama schooling the youngster @ BBall.  ;>

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 175 - Sis

My great-nephew who is visiting has two traits of his mother: never at a lost for words and shopping. But today he proved that he does not shop until he drops, but until others with him drop while waiting in the heat for him to finalize his choices! We're very happy to have him here for two weeks.

Day 175 - Lisa

The goal was to be up and out by 9am but a certain young man was still sleeping so we got a late start.     I finally had to have oneeya and sunii jump on the bed and wake him with walking on his head and wet kisses. After a very long breakfast in Stone Mountain at a new diner we wanted to try (won't be going back), we headed to Tallulah Falls to show Jacob the Gorge and the old store with lots of cool toys from the 40's/50's/60's.  After melting in the store I had to tell him you have 10 minutes to make up your mind what you actually want to buy and we gotta go.  He loved the store and found everything inside really interesting.  We then headed for I think my mom and my favorite place in Georgia - Goats on the Roof.  If you don't get the giggles and smile visiting here, there's something wrong with you.  Jacob had a blast.  It was screaming hot today.  I forgot to tell yesterday that within two minutes of being outside from the airport last night Jacob exclaimed, "OMG Nina, it's so hot!"  Welcome to JoJah kid.

Day 174 - Sis

Can't you just hear her singing, "My Eyes Adore You?"  Alright then more likely she's thinking, " When are you going to feed me?"