Saturday, December 08, 2012

Day 342 - Sis

Bought the tree!  Tomorrow will start the trimming, well after I check all the lights and find the decorations.

Day 342 - Lisa

Why is picking out a Christmas tree so hard?  I can remember growing up my parents lugging us around as we spent all night or day searching for THE perfect tree.  Nothings changed apparently now that we've moved to Georgia.  It's our first time to have a tree since coming here.  Four year with out the ole' Tannenbaum was so sad.  We cruised three locations and settled on Home Depot.  A 7 footer.  Man, loving the prices out here compared to Cali!

Friday, December 07, 2012

Day 341 - Lisa

We had a great time sharing our homemade ornaments today @ work.  Very creative workmanship.

Day 341 - Sis

No doubt about it, retirement does give me more time to do some things, including looking through the Christmas collections. It also has brought me to the conclusion that I must stop buying cards or get a name stamp with my signature. The cost of stamps would provide me enough change to buy a really nice bottle of wine. So if I've sent you a card pretend you are sitting in front of a beautiful fireplace with a burning yule log and sipping some of that bottle.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Day 340 - Lisa

Stay at work till almost 10pm getting the warehouse gussied up for our Friday Festivities for the next 3 weeks.

Day 340 - Sis

I'm sure this is true after today watching me search through two rooms of boxes looking for one little tool.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Day 339 - Lisa

My crew doesn't know it yet but they'll be performing the 12 Days of Christmas.  ;>

Day 339 - Sis

Today while walking the dog I discovered a horrible scene! There lying practically in the street was a Santa helper, with more helpers in the yard. It looked like scouts sent by  Old St. Nick checking on the neighborhood kids and after realizing what they had to report, were utterly deflated.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Day 338 - Lisa

We haven't done a whole lot of decorating this year but Mom made sure a bit of home was on the bookcase.  ;>

Day 338 - Sis

Basement office gets really cold due to cement floor but this lovely appliance makes my aching joints laugh at the coldness. However I don't know if my daughter will laugh when she opens the utilities bill next month.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Day 337 - Lisa

Bought tickets today to see this on Christmas Day.  I hope I can last through a non-talking musical.

Day 337 - Sis

Thought I might make some turkey noodle soup today with the frozen stock from Thanksgiving. When I opened the freezer door and reached for the jar, it looked a little odd, I'm pretty observant that way.  I quickly changed the menu to tacos!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Day 336 - Lisa

This is just unreal to me.  In Livermore during the Winter we would see $400 electric/gas bills.  With Christmas lights, lots of company and cooking we could even see a $600 bill.  This house is double the size and the coldest month in the house so far and we have a $128 electric/gas bill?  Unbelievable but I'm very happy!  Those windows are paying off!

Day 336 - Sis

Ending our Friday night at the Garden Lights and halfway through our visit with Yolanda.  Today it's time for goodbyes so we're up and out to take Landa to the airport.  Time flew and now she is flying back to her husband Steve and son Ryan, who were nice to spare and share her for a few days.  Landa wasn't impressed with the stairs in and around our home and since she, Steve and Ryan all have some type of knee problems, it isn't promising that there will be a visit by the entire Maciorski family in the near future. :-(