Sunday, December 04, 2011

Week 48 - Lisa

Not sure what my friend Trish was drinking when she decided to our annual Christmas Card Exchange and she chose "Christmas Zoo" as the theme. I tortured myself for about 2.5 weeks trying to think of what to create. I finally came up with the below safari card.  Just "screams" Merry Christmas I think?!  <rolling eyes>  I've mentioned how much I hate to bake in the past but man I was jonsing something sweet to eat so I busted out my wanna-be artistic skills and created a Charlie Brown Christmas cake.  Man I am on a roll this year and we still got 20+ days to go.  ;>

Week 48 - Sis

It was a week of trying to get that Christmas spirit in gear. No gift or tree shopping makes it a bit harder but needed to try at least. Easy part was writing the cards and stirred the spirit up a bit. In the past I've always loved to decorate and at least one of my daughters is as insane as I am about decorating. Fortunately I live with that one. My other daughter thinks about it and becomes so weary from the thought she just gives up. I mean, no kidding, one year we arrived at her home, joining her family for Christmas breakfast finding a beautiful tree, with one decoration on it and a strand of garland half on the tree and the rest just dangling. I wondered if she had narcolepsy. I mean, in everyday living, my house walls were pretty bare, some might say I am a minimalist. Apparently my second daughter is even more so, taking it to another level and is a Christmas-minimalist. Sigh. So this week Lisa and I headed over to the hobby shop and picked up a few things to add to the apartment. Having (again, no kidding) 42 totes of Christmas paraphernalia in storage, now by our past standards, we decorated minimally. Although as I was walking out I saw, what I felt like, something to fill the apartment with the spirit. I too, do believe!