Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 176 - Sis

When I was a kid, (no pun intended), my dad would go to the auction and buy a baby goat at least once a year.  He would bring it home with every intention of raising it to feed his wife, seven kids and whatever company that would show up.  The chink in this plan is that his children would make the goat a pet, every time. How can you see them at this age, watch them grow bigger, always entertaining and so smart, then see that pet cooked and on your dinner plate?!  Tears flowing we would refuse to eat Nanny or Billy and my father would lecture us on how lucky we were compared to those famous other countries where children were starving.  "Daddy it's hard to eat with a great big lump in your throat."  I like to bring these happy memories into others lives, your welcome.;-

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