Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 43 -Sis

First thing for us to do on returning from vacation - pick up the pets. Get the cat first so she doesn't lose her position in the family rankings. The dog could care less, just being in a family is good enough for her. Have to say her highness, didn't shun Lisa for very long this time, must be the dog's influence. ;- Second thing - unpack the souvenirs, separate, box and mail them. Love sharing the trip in a small way with family and friends. My one sister, Madeline, enjoy receiving a newspaper from the different areas we travel to. No problem, one of the easiest things to pick out for her along with a few other things. Third thing - wait for the purchase of the apples I ordered. Apparently in the Northeast there is a variety of apple some of us have not heard of, the Macoun. We saw signs saying, " We have Macouns" at some small fruitstands, (back of a pick-up). When we asked what they were, the reply was overwhelming praise for this APPLE?! They arrived and the praise for the Macoun is now coming from me. My shaky picture must have been from my excitement. LOL. Sorry, California and Arizona, they do not ship to you because something about the holding time the two states require of the company. Sent a few to one of Lisa's friend and she thanked us with pear/apple tarts the next day, thank you Laura. Going to have to send her some peaches with the hope she might want to bake some cobbler.;-

Week 43 - Lisa

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!  I "zombied" my family for fun on FaceBook and here's the link to our pics.  I did not intentionally make myself look like a tore up Amy Winehouse, it just kind of happen.   Tonight (Sunday) I did some baking for my crew: cupcakes and mutilated ninja's!  My friend "Darla Kendricks" from Bakersfield a bonafide artist had the clever idea.  I shamelessly am ripping her off.  Ripping seems appropriate!  Bwahahaha!