Saturday, June 02, 2012

Day 153 - Lisa

As we were clearing out our storage these buttons fell out of a box.  The Disneyland Hotel button is from the first time I stayed there.  Back then they put your luggage and you in a golf cart and drove you to your tower.  You got this button to wear in the park to receive special things and to ride the shuttle.  Those were the days.  The other button "must" be from my early 20's.  LOL

Day 153 - Sis

We had a five guy moving crew and man did they work!  Hope the signs helped them a bit while hauling furniture and boxes upstairs. That evening sunii was driven from her old apartment to her new home.  She probably thought she was going to the vet and pretty much registered the same reaction, look at those eyes. We just backed away and left her alone. ;-

Friday, June 01, 2012

Day 152 - Lisa

Received some mugwort and Monterey sage in the mail today from a good friend its to bless the house.  Smells so good.  Makes me miss the roundhouse and all my California Indian friends & family a whole bunch. 

Day 152 - Sis

Might say we will have, as John Mayall sang, "room to move!"

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 151 - Lisa

I guess the kitty thinks she can break all the rules being she's only got two more nights at the apartment!

Day 151 - Sis

Like the way oneeya"s coat color goes with the new flooring. I was worried I'd have to give her up and find a dog with a more matching blend.  I mean, after all, the flooring is more expensive than the dog! And all she's thinking is, "Do you really have to bring the cat here?"

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 150 - Lisa

And today my bunnies are back!  LOL
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Day 150 - Sis

Things were winding down at the apartment, couple days more and we will be in a home again.  In the middle of all the packing and such, sunii starts to take inventory.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 149 - Sis

I have read about them, heard stories about them, seen them in movie scenes but have never witnessed them myself. Fireflies or lightning bugs, whichever you prefer, are apparently living right here in the apartment complex!  I'm thrilled that I finally witness this beetle flying around tonight. My dog and I were out for her last walk of the day and in a quiet corner of the grounds when something flashed in my peripheral view, more like a blink of light and then another. My first thought at my age, STROKE!  My second thought, Tinkerbell, you're kidding. No I'm kidding. I whip out my phone, set it for camera and wait to snap the blink/flash, nothing. Just my luck, those flying beetles with tail lights had vanished or their batteries were low.

Day 149 - Lisa

I ate on the floor tonight.  We forgot in our haste to get things packed and moved that the card table was also our only dining table.  Gee the chairs look a tad lonely, I salute you folding chairs.  You held up well for taking such a temporary job.  

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 148 - Lisa

Look who else showed up for a visit this week at work.  We used to have 3 turtles, now I only see this guy every once in the while.  He falls off the curb and gets stuck in the gutter.  Hey, I know some humans like that.  Thankfully, we have big leather gloves.  I try to pick him up and put him back on the right path. Hey I've done that a few times with humans too.  LMAO!

Day 148 - Sis

It's starting to feel real after emptying a couple of kitchen cupboards, removing the magnets and family pictures off the fridge. Don't even want to think about Saturday when the movers start bringing all the belongings we have from storage!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 147 - Lisa

Friday my Goose-Family came to see me.  It was a typical gathering just like my family.  Plan a small gathering, word gets out and pretty soon you have 50+ people camping in your living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms for a sleepover.

Day 147 - Sis

Even though I've never been a huge fan of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, I did want to see this play. It has had rave reviews and a few family members also have said they loved it. It was an interesting story and in part, a telling one about Frankie Valli as a guy with honor when it came to family or friends. The other three guys stories were also interesting.  The set design, lighting etc. were all good. I had a slight headache when the play started and a screaming one when it ended. Falsetto voices can be a great sound in some do wop types of songs, but in the Four Seasons case. it was extremely painful and overkill for me. When they sang "Rag Doll" thought my head was going to explode! For the others in the audience it was a happening. I mean, even that was little weird watching all these people my age, OLD, reliving their youth. I guess. My daughter, who attended with me, was just as bewildered as I was.