Sunday, November 06, 2011

Week 44 - Lisa

My 2000 4Runner has been very very good to me.  I've never had her brake down on me until this year and it was minor.  I took her in this week for brakes, tires and general tune-up.  While I know I got a deal I was still kind of stressing about the overall cost.  Then I ran across the picture below my truck.  Put things in perspective real fast.  Kicked my hukkas into counting my blessing for all I have and what I can afford.  Funny how these little messages just magically appear.  ;>

Week 44 - Sis

As everyone knows it's November and deep into Fall. Will someone explain why the tomato plant I started growing in May is now producing it's first fruits?!!! I mean I've heard of late bloomers but geez. Guess this plant produces and then freezes it's crop, all on the vine.