Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week 15 - Lisa

Lions and Tigers and Hawks and Dogs, oh my!  Okay, so two outta four this week.  Cannot remember which day of the week I was leaving work when I saw an eagle near the entry of our offices.  I stopped my truck and stared with my mouth open.  An eagle at my job?!  He or she was very irritated.  I looked out in front of my truck and there was the most beautiful and huge red tail hawk.  Poor baby was injured.  I realized quickly it was the eagles doing.  He was gone in a half wobble and weak attempt at flying before I could decide what to do to help him or her.  The eagle also took off.  Next day I return to work and we find the red-tail hawk on our vehicles.  I snapped the picture below.  Long story short; very carefully I was able to make friends with this wonderful bird enough to capture her and get her to a bird sanctuary that will care for her till she can be put back into the wild.  Red-tail hawks have a significant role in my tribes history and belief system so I believe we found each other on purpose.  I am normally petrified of birds so this was no small hurdle for me to overcome to be able to help my sister with feathers.

oneeya has been a pleasure to have in our family.  My role in her training and adapting is getting her to enjoy being in my truck and going places.  She is doing quite well.  I see many trips in her future.  In related news sunii, the Warrior Kitty is on a mission to capture oneeya's tail.  She is fascinated with it.  They keep their distance from each other but sunii is very nosy and keeps tabs on oneeya's every move.  They've come nose to nose a few times but otherwise it's been a peaceful coexistance.

Lastly my mom found a new recipe in the Food Network magazine that was DELICIOUS.  Flank steak with tapenade.  We had it with asparagus.  So good!

Week 15 - Sis

Had this picture of the coffee cup and thought I could use it to talk about the week's reflections.

Okay the coffee was strong the reflections slant pretty weak. I mean I could have put up a lot of shots of my new road dog but figured that would get old quick. Then I thought I could say that this business name probably would make you think of a car repair business but makes me think of some of my family's gatherings. Ummmm, no. Then I was going to say I discovered, while out walking, these beautiful little roses growing wild on a fence and thought yellow roses were suppose to be reflective of Texas not Georgia. And then I just decided to contemplate another week and skip this one.