Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 293 - Sis

After a visit to Tallulah Falls and Goats On the Roof we headed home until we decided to make a quick side trip to Clayton.  This included a stop at the Hillside Orchard Farm.  What a pleasant and fun spot. The highlight for me was a ride behind a small tractor that took us around the barnyard and crops.  On the ride we stopped at the barnyard and were able to get off and walk around to observe the animals up close and a bit smelly.  My favorites were the donkey family.  Festus, the Pop, greeted us with loud braying and even a donkey smile.  Jenny, the small white one and Mama, to June Bug, the larger brown one, also came right to the a group of us. Of course the fact that the driver, aka Grandpa, fed them apples didn't hurt the family of three's friendliness

Day 293 - Lisa

We took our friends up to the Georgia Mountains this Saturday.  Man, it was glorious Autumn day.  The leaves are changing enough to make the trees look like a blanket of color.  We discovered the Hillside Orchard Farm with an awesome country store full of jellys, jams, breads and fruit.  I never seen so many variations of cider!  We took a hay ride, heard some good music and strolled the grounds.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 292 - Sis

In less than a week I was back at Stone Mountain for the day.  Beautiful weather, good friends and a chance to have a relaxing day.  Priscilla was taken with the park and we only visited a small part of it.  Beto liked it well enough but can't understand why trees keep getting planted when there are too many of them already ---------and he loves the outdoors. LOL

Day 292 - Lisa

We took our guests to Stone Mountain Park today.  Mainly to look for souvenirs.  My mom had discovered this covered bridge the weekend before so we look them to see it.  What a nice surprise.  Our weather has been so nice.  Air is crisp, sun very bright and warm.  October has been fantastic to be outside!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 291 - Sis

Here we are again enjoying our guests enjoying their first visit at two favorite sites. They joined right in at the at tasting room of worldwide coke flavors and a bit of shopping!

Day 291 - Lisa

Fall is here!  We spent the day in downtown Atlanta sightseeing with our friends from back home.  Took them to the old standards:  CNN and World of Coke.  Was delighted to see the trees are starting to change.
Some favorite pics of nature switching seasons...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 289 - Lisa

Our longtime good friends Beto & Priscilla are here visiting us for 6 nights/5 days.  So happy to have them here.  More long nights.  LOL  Talked till 2:30am this morning.  We will do some sightseeing, cooking and I'm 100% sure laughing.

Day 289 - Sis

We surprised them with this for their 34 years of marriage.  They actually still like each other!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 288 - Lisa

My mom has been trying so hard to grow tomatoes here in Georgia.  We just not have had the conditions to do it.  Her plants have been moved over and over again, blown around in wind storms, pounded with rain, etc.  So here are her four little babies she has sitting in the greenhouse window sunbathing.  ;>

Day 288 - Sis

Friends coming in tomorrow so getting the house cleaned is a priority, well sometime today. ;-   Oh yeah and this is how I see without my glasses.  I find when not wearing them that dirt and dust seem to disappear.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 287 - Lisa

I know we talked about this back in 2010 when the Giants were in the playoffs but here I go again.  Holy moly, I cannot take many more games that go past 1:30am.  Living on the East Coast is TORTURE during the post season but especially when it's our Gigantes.  My ability to function at work is very limited.

Day 287 - Sis

Disaster football day for me.  I think I'll just pick the teams by uniform colors or the team who has the most guys with braids the rest of the season, because going by the predictions of professional sure isn't working for the pool I'm in!