Sunday, October 09, 2011

Week 40 - Lisa

Scary kitty!  Do not have a lot this week, work CRAZY!

Week 40 - Sis

Okay let's see where was I? I mean that literally, because the last blog was posted 10/2 and on 10/7 we flew to Maine. I know I was helping with whatever I could do for Lisa, who was working in the evenings on a large project which involved producing a lot of language classroom materials for our tribe, the Amah Mutsun. These materials were needed on 10/8, for the first language class at the Univerity of Santa Cruz California. She worked on many folders, lessons, flashcards, etc. and I did some grunt work. See this plastic folder? This looks so unlike something that can do any damage, but let me tell you they are dangerous and caused a lot of pain. Simple task for someone like me with no talents in the creating of the materials, just put the papers in between the clasps, line up the holes of the paper, straighten the arms upward, push arms through the holes, then press to spread arms out and they secure the papers inside. Fifty folders later my finger tips were burning because they were sliced from the sharp edges on those arms. I know, I should have used a knife to lift those buggers but then I would probably be writing about my sight loss in one of my eyes when the knife slipped from my grasp! Now singing, "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen", oops can't do that song with one eye. How about, "I've lost that loving feeling",(in my fingers)?