Thursday, June 02, 2011

Week 21 - Lisa

What do I despise more than a root canal?  Or plucking eyebrows?  Or grocery shopping?  Or frying an egg?  SHOE SHOPPING!!  Yep, revoke my female card.  I realized something while walking the aisles of Shoe Carnival this past weekend.  I have more in common with Mickey Mouse than just Walt and Disneyland.  We have the same FEET!

After watching my mom try on shoes left and right (no pun intended), I just grabbed the same old New Balance tennis shoes (aka waffle stompers) and Ked's low profile tennis shoes boxes and head for the checkout line.  After picking out her sneakers (not an easy task for her considering her own foot issues) my mom just walks over to the sandals and grabs whatever cute pair she wants.  Me?  I gave up after sticking my foot in one sandal after the other trying to squeeze my Cinderella evil step-sister foot into another psychologically damaging glass slipper.

Why is this such a traumatic experience you ask?  I have been blessed with a high instep.  Like a super duper high instep.

So I cannot wear the super cute thin band sandals with do-hickeys, beads, multiple strap type. No Cleopatra up the ankle tie jobbers for me.  No, I get to wear the following styles:

Don't those just SCREAM sexy-mama?  Or even half-way nice looking lady with cute shoes?  <sigh>  So, I just keep ordering my Nike flip flops in multiple colors and calling it a day.  Happy Summer ya'll!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 21 - Sis

After the weather being in the high 80's and 90's we can look forward to those same high 90's for the next week. Yes,we get one thunder/lightning storm, just like last week, with no lowering of that temperature. So Saturday we started out to get Lisa's truck washed with my road dog oneeya. Now oneeya has never been in a car wash, as far as I know, so new experience for all of us. This car wash is the one where you drive-in and sit in the car while it's being cleaned. My dog was impressed, so it seems, as she sat a bit apprehensively watching that machine work. As we drove around we saw a house for sale and being curious we stopped so I could get a flyer. When I turned back to get in the truck I felt something odd. My feet got very warm, started to itch and burn and I was instantly doing the fire ant dance! I have seen commercials for ridding a lawn of them but have never encountered them in my life. WOW! I looked like I was doing the hand jive on my feet. Have to say the air was a bit blue as I yelled out some choice words. So try to neglect the blue veins and notice those red spots on my foot, with a white head on one. I'd say that color combo went well with the patriotic weekend theme. When we went grocery shopping and with the weather being a factor, there was a display with everything for ice cream sundae making and cones. Ah, a nice cone sounded good and picked up a box of 24 as I headed for the ice cream freezer section. Have you seen the price of ice cream! Dang. My favorite flavor is strawberry but of course there was none in the brands I liked, so I looked at the market's "premium" house brand container and thought, "why not?". Last night as I got ready to fix me a nice cone I actually looked at the carton and discovered I bought strawberry yogurt. Sigh, okay well that's probably better for me and then I opened the carton with the cones. Put the scooper away and get a teaspoon! When did they downsize ice cream cones?!!!!!!!!!!!!