Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 181 - Sis

The Coke Museum was our first stop today with plans to visit the Georgia Aquarium. We spent so much time in the museum that we decided to head home for an early dinner, pshaw!  Of course when got home and by the time I got dinner on the table it was 7 p.m.  Oh yeah it was also hot, 106, so Lisa and her Godson made the decision to go play miniature golf when it got dark and a bit cooler, (suppressing a laugh here).  We ventured out to the course which must have been new during the Civil War! Scraggly shape is a compliment for this place, but it was only $7 per person.  We also were delayed due to a very inept clerk, a young woman with a large attitude, who slowed our entrance to the fairways. By then it was cooler, 99%, but considerably much more humid. The highlight of the whole day was arriving on the 18th hole. Despite the drive back to Atlanta looks like the aquarium might have been a better choice. :-(

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