Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Message from Dos Dames #8 ~

We had a WILD storm last night.  Apartment building was shaking.  Materials were hitting the outside wall of my bedroom keeping me up all night.  Lightening was illuminating the room.  The winds were howling.  Electricity flicking off and on.  Once again, our ATL weather girl Megan McGlover nails the scene!!  LOL

Check out her update from last night!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Week 13 - Sis

Hills and valleys with seasons changes can at times make us start feeling melancholy. Definition of melancholy.....sadness and mental depression. Some of us remember the old joke about melancholy, "My girl is melancholy; she has the body of a melon and the face of a collie." Cringe, I know! Attention please, the word does not make me think of depression. It reminds me of my father and his beautiful baritone singing voice. On the other hand that could be a really LOUD and scary baritone voice if he was mad at you. Okay, okay, back to melancholy. The word reminds me of my dad when at family parties or Sunday drives he would sing the old song, "Melancholy Baby". Two others he sang and favorites of mine were, "Mexicali Rose" and "Harbor Lights". Since my mother also had a good singing voice it would double the pleasure hearing them sing together. You might say today, he was my Portuguese/Mexican/ Mutsun indian, AMERICAN IDOL!


Week 13 - Lisa

I was so excited to find hard salami in the grocery store this week.  I resisted testing it for two days.  Finally cut into it and by looks was down right giddy.  Only to taste it and realize, nope it's not even close to my beloved Gallo Dry Salami from home.  Wah!

Baseball season started!  It's tough being a fan when you are living half way across the country.  Luckily, with new technology we can see the games via cable and internet.  So we just move the furniture around and watched Saturday nights game against the Dodgers on the laptop.  Nothing gets between us and our boys, the Gigantes!

Um, is she saluting me?

That looks says about a million things, most of them not publishable!