Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 119 - Sis

As you have read Lisa's day 119, I will just add my version of that trip. Yes, 45 minute traffic jam, then turning off the freeway too soon, added another 15 minutes to the destination.  Love walking around Cost Plus but my shopping was very limited; pumice sponge, cinnamon sticks and teeny, tiny pack of saffron. Left that shopping area to find the Target store.  Missed a turn off again and ended up in a lovely setting of shady trees and quietness, nice. It was a business center, apartment complex, where Lisa reset the GPS,  and we were off with new directions, about a block away from where we started! Lisa bought the lamp and shade she wanted and maybe she was feeling like I was left out and I needed to purchase something, because she almost insisted I find something to buy. " Is there anything you need while we're here?", she asked. "Nope."  Lisa, kindly tries again, "Nothing?"  "Okay already." I picked up a box of envelopes and a baguette for the artichoke dip/topping bought at Cost Plus. Yep it was just a whirlwind shopping spree!

Day 119 - Lisa

Waiting around to get into our home is not a good thing.  All the idle time is causing us to shop. I hate clothes and shoe shopping but I can tolerate accessory shopping.  So I knew going in that a day spent at Cost Plus and Target would not be good.  Sure enough they had a SALE going!  Chunks of bath soaps for .99cents.  Lavender bath lotion!  Aloe bath salts!  Wine from Spain and some Coppola Sophia I love 30% off.  Some candle holders, a pumice stone and a 60's bubble lamp.  Oh and throw in some artichoke pesto, hot diggity!  I only got us lost both coming and going to Cost Plus and sat 45min in a traffic jam, so 5 hours later we were finally home.  I was exhausted but I'm sure going to smell good!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 118 - Lisa

When we had our two doggies, Sammy & Simba, my kitty Nicia and lived in Cali, we had a daily routine of greeting.  I'd come home from work and go sit on the stairs.  The dogs would stand at the bottom getting their pets and pats in, while my cat would come down the stairs and rub all against me and sit next to me.  I miss our babies so much. Here is Georgia with our new cast of characters I really gotta work on a better routine.  I come home and they wait for me to change my clothes which includes if you look below a little nap time.  I had no clue I took that long.  However, the dog and her welcome lovers are a tad over the top.  I cannot wait to get into the new house so we can start the less sticky, fur spitting and wet "staircase" greetings!

Day 118 - Sis

Bought a straw broom to sweep the outside patio/porch here.  Made me think what this broom was used for besides cleaning up. Let's see, a horse when you play cowboys and indians, (either side), flying on it when you pretended to be a witch, a bat you used in the ninth inning with two outs, two strikes, three balls and you hit the homerun to win the World Series, a bug swatter, a javelin, a jousting stick. So many uses but for the mother of seven wild kids, (my Mom), it came in handy when your kids would hide under a bed to escape punishment and you would take that broom, get down on your knees and jab at those hooligans until they surrendered to your command to come out NOW. Amazing that so many people always talk about how sweet and gentle my Mother was.  Ask me about her flyswatter method, ho boy!;-

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 117 - Lisa

And here I thought she'd wear Puma!

Day 117 - Sis

Stepped out early this evening for the last dog walk of the day and saw this sky.  Almost looks like some of these dark and ominous clouds are going to set down on the roofs.  I was anticipating a rain storm but none arrived.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 116 - Lisa

I learned the word "escutcheon" today.  I had no clue that a faucet deckplate was called a escutcheon.  Learn something every day.  Our new counter will not have an escutcheon by the way.

Day 116 - Sis

Don't you just love it when the items you order come to you in this condition?  So how many people get to preview what I bought before I receive it?   Please, here, take a look and maybe take the goods with  this opening making it available.  Little frustrated since I had ordered four items almost a month ago, with the invoice saying they should be delivered by April 13th!  I am receiving them one at a time with two more to go. Complaint already made first and last time I order from this company.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 115 - Lisa

While cleaning out the warehouse we found this tool pouch.  It was eerie as it was worn and belonged to a co-worker we worked with for about 15 years.  We had learned he passed a couple weeks earlier.  I had corresponded with his wife a few times since his passing.  So I sent her the pouch.  I'm so glad we found it because it really did kind of define him.  It also brought back a lot of memories of my Dad and his big double stacked rolling tool box.  We brought my Dad's tool box and tools with us, in a few weeks it will be out of storage and I'll get to smell the oil and grease I grew up with, look at the old STP and racing stickers all over it.  His tools remind me of his hands.  Always cut up from his job but always gentle with us.  I hope Seaborn's kids find the comfort and memories in that tool pouch that I do having my Dad's toolbox with me.

Day 115 - Sis

I really miss not being around my tribe, Amah Mutsun, in California. Making jewelry was one of the things some of us could do to earn money for the tribe's financial needs and for regalia. Making this type of jewelry is something that gives me pleasure in the ability to contribute and the circle of company it brings into my life.  Hundreds of hours sitting around a table with tribal relatives sharing ideas, stories and some of our language we have learned, which gives us pride in who we are and where we came from.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 114 - Lisa

On a day where I did not need any more set-backs this thing cost me $400 big ones.  Holy cow, so when does your vehicle become too old?  When do you say time to put ole Betsy down and find another mode of transportation?  I've had my 4Runner for 12 years.  People tell me she's got at least another 100,000 left in her.  I hope my pocketbook does too!

Day 114 - Sis

When I first saw Lisa's truck I thought someone threw lentil soup all over it but quickly realized she needs to find another parking spot away from a particular tree!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 113 - Lisa

My mom taught my sister and I to play Scrabble at a very young age.  She never showed us any mercy.  So by the time I hit about 16 or so I finally beat her.  It was such a fantastic feeling.  Now we pride ourselves on playing a 700+ combined word score games.  So when we found this mug we were excited. Unfortunately they had no "S" or "L", so only my sister Yolanda is the winner today!  

Day 113 - Sis

Well these were a discovery and surprise.  Who knew, individual designs, sun tinted and part of the sales is donated to the Sierra Club.  I thought my regular old prescription sunglasses and old clothes were enough but that shows how much I know about fashionable gardening wear.