Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 286 - Sis

Today I tagged along with Lisa, as her assistant, to her company picnic at Stone Mountain Park.  Beautiful, crisp day with some very nice scenery. Once my assisting was not longer needed, took my camera and went for a walk. Looking at the water,  color changing leaves and what do I discover, a covered bridge.  Wasn't aware there was one so close to where we live, doesn't quite match the beauty of the one we saw last fall in New England but it will do.

Day 286 - Lisa

We had our company picnic today at Stone Mountain Park.  About 150 employees and family members came out.  Beautiful day!  Cool and sunny.  My mom and I volunteered to head the "arts and crafts" activities for the kids as there was really no play to do traditional picnic games:  three-legged or sack races, etc.  Seems the kids enjoyed putting together Thanksgiving and Halloween crafts.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 285 - Sis

Have to get my wardrobe together for tomorrow's game. Tough choice, but either of them will do.  Get to see my home across the Bay from AT&T Park.

Day 285 - Lisa

So now we know the Giants will be play St Louis for the National League pennant.  For any old-time Giants (pre-Bonds or World Series team) this brings back bitter, anxiety filled memories of 1987.  When we lost the pennant to the Cardinals in a bitter fight.  There's the Atlee Hammaker curse, the Ozzie Smith loathing, the ghost of Terry Pendleton, the Roger Craig/Whitey Herzog fights. (lol)  It goes on an on.  Something tells me this is our year to put it all to rest.  Man, I hope so.  I loathe St. Louis!  We need a lot of Hunter Pence inspirational speeches to get through this one!

1987 St. Louis Cardinals vs. San Francisco Giants
St. Louis won the series, 4–3.
1October 6San Francisco Giants – 3, St. Louis Cardinals – 5Busch Stadium (II)2:3455,331[1]
2October 7San Francisco Giants – 5, St. Louis Cardinals – 0Busch Stadium (II)2:3355,331[2] 
3October 9St. Louis Cardinals – 6, San Francisco Giants – 5Candlestick Park3:2757,913[3] 
4October 10St. Louis Cardinals – 2, San Francisco Giants – 4Candlestick Park2:2357,997[4] 
5October 11St. Louis Cardinals – 3, San Francisco Giants – 6Candlestick Park2:4859,363[5] 
6October 13San Francisco Giants – 0, St. Louis Cardinals – 1Busch Stadium (II)3:0955,331[6] 
7October 14San Francisco Giants – 0, St. Louis Cardinals – 6Busch Stadium (II)2:5955,331[7]

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 284 - Lisa

When it was realized the Giants would play Cincinnati in the divisional playoffs my mom and I were not feeling very confident.  Sinking two games at home sure made things bleak.  And then they started their roll of three straight games won in Ohio where the Reds had not lost three in a row all season.  I don't know how they'll do in St. Louis.  It's like 2010 all over again.  Each playoff brings more anxiety and excitement.  I once again, do not feel real confident that Giants will go to the World Series but they keep providing us wrong and I'm so happy about that.  Thursday was crazy, the game was so full of drama.  Unfortunately I was at work but I still got to hear and see peeks of the game.  LOVE BASEBALL, LOVE THE GIANTS, LOVE OCTOBER!

Day 284- Sis

Went here to order blinds and will be saying goodbye to our four month, brown paper, temporaries.  After getting the final total cost for the blinds, I was also struck deaf and mute!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 283 - Sis

I shoveled gravel to an area that's in much need of it. Spent an hour doing it and didn't make much of a dent, but tonight, that act made quite an impression on my hip.  Mind over matter?  Nope, age over mind, can't get use to that part.

Day 283 - Lisa

Who needs other people's art when you have a bazillion digital pictures to pick from?!  Took this photo in Massachusetts last Fall while on vacation with my Mom and Godmother.  This hawk came down to visit us while we were touring a Colonial Village.  Now he can stand as a protector near our front door.  Every time I walk in the hallway to our dining room, I smile thinking about that trip and his appearance.  I think this makes a much better picture to reside in this frame than the orchid that had zero memories.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Day 282 - Lisa

It's Halloween as my mom said.  Slowly bringing out the spooky stuff.  Apparently, our cat likes Halloween too.  She's been a bit actor in the window most nights.  Not sure if its the glow of the lights or the heat of the lights.  Do you see sunii?

Day 282 - Sis

Notice something missing?  You know how it is when you want something to happen so much you are just punched in the stomach when it doesn't?  Waaah, we couldn't get it to light.  Four years and and two days without a home grilled steak.  And that means it's going to come down to something really simple we haven't done, except to feel like fools. Waaah!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Day 281 - Lisa

Went grocery shopping today and this display was in the Publix.  Right now, in Livermore where these wines are grown, it's Indian summer and absolutely beautiful.  We used to get a lot of trees turning color in our neighborhood back by the vineyards.  Was a nice surprise to see.

Day 281 - Sis

Attended our first HOA meeting on Saturday and one of the most important questions we had was: " Can we decorate outside for the holidays?"  Answer was - yes.  Starting small but additions will be here soon!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Day 280 - Lisa

Between the Giants losing so horribly and my bout with pneumonia, I caved and drank an adult lemonade.

Day 280 - Sis

It's been almost four years since I have had one of these, a grill!  Oh that cover is coming off tomorrow, will hook up the propane tank, fire it up and slap two steaks on those burners.  :-)