Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 175 - Lisa

The goal was to be up and out by 9am but a certain young man was still sleeping so we got a late start.     I finally had to have oneeya and sunii jump on the bed and wake him with walking on his head and wet kisses. After a very long breakfast in Stone Mountain at a new diner we wanted to try (won't be going back), we headed to Tallulah Falls to show Jacob the Gorge and the old store with lots of cool toys from the 40's/50's/60's.  After melting in the store I had to tell him you have 10 minutes to make up your mind what you actually want to buy and we gotta go.  He loved the store and found everything inside really interesting.  We then headed for I think my mom and my favorite place in Georgia - Goats on the Roof.  If you don't get the giggles and smile visiting here, there's something wrong with you.  Jacob had a blast.  It was screaming hot today.  I forgot to tell yesterday that within two minutes of being outside from the airport last night Jacob exclaimed, "OMG Nina, it's so hot!"  Welcome to JoJah kid.

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