Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 47 - Lisa

My mom landed Thanksgiving morning at 5:20am.  We stayed awake talking for quite awhile.  I started dinner around 9:30am, we ate around 3:00pm.  It was just a lazy day in our pj's after two stressful weeks.  As you can see below the pets were REALLY happy to have mom/grandma home.  No wonder my mom suffers from shoulder and back pain.  LOL!  In other news; sunii captured her first Christmas ornament of the season and I do not like the new white Coca-Cola cans.  It's important for me to share that.  ;>  We went to the Holiday Lights/Garden Lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Saturday night - FANTASTIC!  It was beautiful weather and display wise.  Just clink on the link below to my pictures.

Week 47- Sis

Post Thanksgiving and I need to re-adapt to my normalcy and so does my dog. Being gone for two weeks has left my dog's allegiance a bit uncertain. See in those two weeks Lisa was her caretaker. She took her for rides everywhere she went, to daycare during the week and made sure she spent time playing with her while I was gone. Wonderful! Big deal, as I reminded oneeya that I'm the one who has sunk the moola into her healthcare, food, bedding, toys, rescuing and giving her a loving home. Also walking her everyday, giving her nice rubdowns, treats and lots of playtime. " You know little girl loyalty is one thing dogs are known for and is key in our relationship. You might remember oneeya that there is another animal in this household. Here kitty, kitty, oh sunii you're such a beautiful CAT!" Hey guilt and jealously worked for me when I raised my two human daughters.;-)