Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 272 - Lisa

I had these in my bed-room but am now moving them up to the family-room.  
I did not realize what I had done.
When I had stacked them on my rack.
Until I laughed at the coupling that would to most stun.  
Oh the smack that would be talked about the stack on my rack.
Yes, an odd coupling some would say?  
However, I think my subconscious realized these two masters of rhyme belonged together any day. :>

Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 271 - Sis

Finally a few books on the book shelves that store more records, CDs and DVDs on them.  We only kept a few of our very favorite books and donated many.  Of course there isn't room here for my 50 something Reader's Digest Condensed books!  Since we both own a Nook, the way we buy and read new book selections is quite different, but holding a book and smelling it is still a tactile sense I enjoy. Sorry to say we have minimal children's section since the children population is also minimal here.

Day 271 - Lisa

I'm becoming obsessed with Hipstamatic & Instagram.  I love the filters!  And seeing peoples pictures from all over world.  Just random pics of every day life.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 270 - Sis

I know I'm not the only one who wonders what to do with old contracts, cancelled credit cards statements, checks and taxes.  Today I went to  and asked the question.  Are you kidding?  The IRS usually audits someone in the last three years of their taxes filed but could come looking for them up to six years. This led me to think eight years should be prudent, not stopping to think how many years of paper I must destroy.  So this bag full of what's considered worthless, is what I have so far, with many hours of plugging through plenty more.  It's amazing the really foolish ways some of us spend money and man if you think the tax rate is bad now, a few decades ago it was ridiculous! And yet many of these receipts, loans, charges, donations, house and cars bought, could provide a whole lifetime of stories.  Tsk, tsk.

Day 270 - Lisa

Anybody else getting worried? I think I might install a webcam for when I'm at work.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 269 - Lisa

Noooooooo!  Wah!  Not another piece of furniture I have to put together.  My mom needed a headboard so she ordered this one.  Alrighty, I'll give it a go.  Good thing I do not have a cuss-a-meter on me.

Day 269 - Sis

This is the high school yearbook from my Freshman year.  It was my first and last yearbook and my first and last year at Arroyo High in San Lorenzo, California. Since we lived in Hayward, 8 miles away, and only had one high school at the time we had to ride the school bus everyday to Arroyo.  Knowing we would  would start our Sophomore year at the newly built Tennyson High, which was the second high school in our town of Hayward, for a lot of us loyalty wasn't big for Arroyo.  I have no explanation why this yearbook is the only one I ever purchased, ( besides lack of funds ), since I spent the remainder of my limited education in the city of Hayward at Tennyson and the Hayward High. My name in the Arroyo yearbook student directory, notice there's no page number?  Because  I wasn't even there for picture day!  It must have been an omen for my future of many missed school days.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 268 - Sis

It was a bath for oneeya today, look how proud she is.  Meanwhile as oneeya put up with the trials of the bath, sunii made herself comfortable on our bed.  If it seems the pets are in more blogs lately, it's because they entertain me almost as much as listening to NFL players, coaches, fans coming unglued from all the sub refs in the games this season.  Boy some of those pro refs calls that ruined their mood for a week  last year, would be welcomed now! LOL

Day 268 - Lisa

While unpacking I ran across some old random pics I must have used for something at some point.  This one cracks me up.  It's my cousin Ruben and I at Christmas.  I had a Dorothy Hamil before Dorothy!  I can't believe it was that straight!  And Ruben with that bowtie!  LOL 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 267 - Sis

Okay there they are all stamped, ready to go, until I realized I can't find the address for the very important one.  Of course I have it somewhere, I just don't know if it's some or where.

Day 267 - Lisa

Wow, playoffs again!  Go Giants.  Not sure how far they'll get but anytime your team is still playing in October it's a good thing!!!  Course this means I'll go another month hopefully serious sleep deprived. ;>

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 266 - Sis

Sore knees, many trips up and down the basement steps this weekend drove me to set up this little fridge.  Next I need to buy a chamber pot!  If you're too young to know what a chamber pot is, cross your legs!

Day 266 - Lisa

We got a lot done this weekend.  Two nice little gems was cutting my first bouquet of knock out roses from our yard and finding a set of drawings of Donald Duck we did on one of the many trips to Disneyland with my Mom and Godkids.  Lula was ten and Jacob was six.  LOL!  Starting to get to do more pleasure things around the house now.  My week vacation at home paid off.  Course I type that and then remembered I need to patch some holes in my mom's bathroom, rehang the towel rack, put up shelves in the 2nd guest room, add more shelves in the Disney room, repaint the stand in the family room, add bookcases/shelves to the basement spare room, figure out when we are going to go look at blinds for the WHOLE house and still hunting for my Shag prints. Wah!!!!!!