Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 49 - Sis

Not much happening in the past week due to Lisa's workload at her job and projects at home. What's funny is, well to me, I had a doctor's appointment Friday morning. No that's not funny, I will explain. I have a been bothered for over a month with pain in my hip and wanted to have it checked out, also was out of refills for one of my meds. Since I would have to have bloodwork to renew my presciption I told Lisa to just drop me off and go do what she needed to do and I'd text her when I was close to being done. She was fine with that and we planned to grocery shop once I was finished. Well, guess what? Yep, doctor was running behind on appointments and I had to wait, and wait and wait. I texted Lisa that she would need to fill her free time with, let me suggest, return home, dump the garbage and possibly walk the dog? Oh I was at the doctor's office from 11 a.m. with an appointment for 11:20. Around noon they called me in, took info and vital signs, told me I was next in line to see doctor. Doctor appeared at 12:30 p.m. apologizing profusely for the delay and explained he had an emergency. Went through the drill about my hip. Told me I would need an x-ray, of course, why not? Texted Lisa again. Had the x-ray and it showed arthritis, whew, no surgery, maintain pain with anti-imflammatory medicine. Back out to the front desk so I could sign in for the needed bloodwork and fill my prescription. I could see from the lobby windows that Lisa is parked outside and was actually out of the truck walking my dog. Nice!!!! Finally done, pills in hand, bandage on the blood draw spot, in the truck, time-1:38 p.m. We didn't go grocery shopping and Lisa was beginning to feel ill. That's what I thought was funny, I mean in an ironic twist. You know, I go to the doctor, she gets sick, well that's kind of funny right? Oh never mind. So we returned home, she collapsed in the recliner, snoring and wheezing in no time. I kept myself busy. My dog, oneeya hung out while I entertained myself with computer games, a puzzle and turning the fridge temp down since even these olives were frozen.:-/ Lisa is still sick and making all those disgusting noises from the bronchitis that has developed. Hoping I'll have a day tomorrow of not having to hear those sounds. Yes, yes, I do also hope she's feeling better in general. God, I am afterall her mother!



Week 49 - Lisa

The highlights of my week were stopping into the CVS store and finding this little Charlie Brownish Christmas Tree and the light up pine and berry sticks for $5 bucks.  Need to make sure we can fill up tote 43.  That was followed-up with scoring the Christmas cookie cutters and Cuisinart Electric Cookie press for 50% off.  I was off to a very merry weekend until the nose started flowing and chest started tightening.  Oh well, can't have it all.  All my plans fell apart and I ended up watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in a hallucinated induced state from my cough medicine and a few other bad Christmas movies.  I think the farthest I walked was from the the bed to the recliner all weekend long.
Merry (snnnnnnnnn) Christmas! Here's another victim of sunii's Christmas fascination.