Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 45 - Lisa

My mom had to fly home to Cali this week.  I was left to care for both pets.  Our two sweet little Divas; sunii (cat) and oneeya (dog).  My mom requested I find oneeya a dog bed for her to lounge on in the living room.  As for the other Diva, sunii has a bed, a mat, a cat stand, our beds, the couch, the recliner, the folding chairs, the computer chair and of course all the rugs so no need to worry about her.  So I found a great deal! A Martha Steward Living "plush" doggie bed even.   <sigh>

It took several days before oneeya could find it empty and finally had the courage to slink over and enjoy it. Of course it was under the watchful eye of the cat.

Week 45 - Sis

The evening of the 8th the call I was expecting came. "You better get here as soon as you can." I was on a plane the following day to California, thanks to my daughter Lisa finding the flight for me and printing my boarding pass. From the minute I landed there was a long list of relatives and friends who had already started to volunteer to help in any way possible. My sister Connie surrounded by many caring people, passed away at 1:30 a.m. November 17th. The funeral services were held on the the morning of the 23rd and I flew back to Georgia late that night, arriving at 5:20 a.m. Thanksgiving morning. I'm grateful I was able to be there among my remaining sisters and the many younger generations, to tell Connie everyday that I loved her and to join together with my large family to say our final goodbyes. Since 2000, I've lost my husband, mother,a brother-in-law, plus my two brothers. Now I have an older half-sister and three younger sisters living and that may seem like a lot of siblings to some, but the gap left after each loss is enormous; in so many ways to me. Connie joins that list of people who impacted my life, leaving memories from childhood to her last breath. When I hear Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstadt I will also hear my sister Connie's great voice and joy in singing it. Now with the Lord, she is, at last, at peace. I let you go Connie, feeling both sadness and joy.