Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 7 - Sis

February, forget Valentine's because my birthday, the 18th, is so much more important! I am so unselfish that I share it with a cousin, great-niece and one friend. Yeah, I know there are probably a few others in the world who were born on that day, but I'm talking about MY world. So you can see I was an early Elvis fan when he was young and still a sweet boy. Love the magnets, puzzle, nook gift cards, other gift card and checks, also coconut macaroons, and creme puff on sterioids were all welcomed. The creme puff took me three days to finish, but it was worth the effort. These gifts and greetings started on Monday right through Friday, great week. Oh by the way, since there are eight days left in the month and my SF cup is peeling, you still have time to send me a new one. heehee! Thanks to all who called, sent me b/day greetings, gifts and bought me a really, really puff pastry.

Week 7 - Lisa

Nothing too exciting to write about this week.  It was filled with many pressures that distracted from having any free or fun time.  Spent my week knee deep in building reorganization, blueprints and planning.  My mama celebrated her birthday Friday so we had these ginormous creme puffs.  They were delicious. Oh and Monday was Valentine's Day.  Blech.  In love or out of love, I just never got this holiday.  When I worked for Hallmark I "really" learned to detest the whole saturation of  hearts, overpriced roses, candies, and undergarments.  I became a tad cynical when I had men coming in asking me "sweetly" to help them pick out cards and gifts for their wife AND girlfriend.  Kind of sucked the life right out of my lovemometer if you know what I mean?! So here's to looking forward to a better week 8!