Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week 50 - Sis

This week has been a mixture of good and bad. The good part was the package from my sister Chickie, (Judy). The salami I have written about before but the second, Del Monte dill pickles was the best part, another thing you don't see here. I've partaken of both in the past few days and find them still the best. Part of the bad, a very bored dog who follows me around letting me know she's bored. No park for her this week because her driver has been too busy at work and too sick after work to provide that service. Yesterday, the second bad thing was finding that I'm starting to lose my multi-tasking skills. Seems I'm not good at taking on-line surveys and boiling beans in the same time period. See I take great responsibility and am serious when I'm answering questions about which crackers, wash soap, junk food, etc.,that I find the most important in my life. So I concentrate- hard. Since I've boiled beans numerous times in my life, the "add the water" part to them is almost instinctual for me. But since in the past couple of years I've seemed to have developed Senior Adult Attention Disorder, SAAD, (very saad it is), I have to admit my instincts have begun to drift. Alright, maybe drift is not the word, try flow, run, stampede, hell just plain disappear. Which found me during the survey losing track of time, however, my sense of smell is still acute and I recognized the instant those little pinto beans were sticking to the bottom of the pot, acquiring the black burned, spotted, skins. Sigh, too late to soak and start another pot. Drained, rinsed four times, picked off the burnt skin as much as possible saving enough for the servings I needed to make refritos. Added enough Monterey Jack and salt to get by and make with the dinner of enchiladas, rice and salad. I'm not cooking today after yesterday's results and because I'm trying to watch the Red Zone and keep track of my standings in two football pools. Just hanging out with John Lee Hooker and Jimmy Reed. The scores are depressing me and I know as far as the music goes, blues, I'm not on my way to a great Sunday.