Saturday, October 06, 2012

Day 279 - Lisa

Sadly my rally socks did nothing for the SF Giants.  They stunk as bad as my feet usually do after wearing my tennis shoes all day.  <sigh>

Day 279 - Sis

We recently had someone come out to measure the windows in order to have coverings installed in a few weeks.  Our "blinds," brown wraping paper, have served us well and we haven't been reported to or been visited by the HOA with complaints about their appropriateness.  So while replacing the brown blinds my daughter trimmed them sone.  Great, I stand (pretty steadily), a quarter inch under five feet which means me and the inside of our home is much more exposed t the world now.  It doesn't matter why this matters to me, it just does Lisa!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Day 278 - Sis

Remember when you made your own tapes and it was cool?  Found these and not all were mine or cool but have to listen to see if they're worth keeping.

Day 278 - Lisa

Some of my favorite "after the debate" pictures and cartoons.  The whole Big Bird PBS statement and aftermath by cartoonist and comedians has me rolling.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Day 277 - Sis

Rough day or failed water system for one.

Day 277 - Lisa

First holiday in four years that we get to dig into our totes and bring out the decorations.  Autumn and Thanksgiving favorite time of year!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Day 276 - Sis

Well I know one living creature who's enjoying the new Fall season!  Have to beg her to come in.

Day 276 - Lisa

oneeya loves to pick all the stuffing out of her toys.  Her Panda aka Pedro Sandoval has lasted her a long time but Monday night she finally completely emptied him of his innards!  As you can see it was exhausting for her and quite the mess for us. 

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Day 275 - Sis

Things last night's heavy rainfall brought for us today: 1- Easy clean-up or a strong wind.  2- In the basement, a lizard, leave it alone or cat has a new toy?  3- Also in basement, water and soggy boxes, sigh.  What's so great about living in the South?

Day 275 - Lisa

My mom texted me at work about the water in the basement and told me we now have lizards in our office area due to the storm.  The dog and cat were intent on finding one of them.  They waited so long that oneeya finally had to lay down and sunii moved to a warmer location.  Notice oneeya wasn't giving up though, she knew that lizard was in the box.  LOL

Monday, October 01, 2012

Day 274 - Lisa

I was going to call her my assistant but she doesn't really do anything but lay around and watch with evil looking eyes so I called her my supervisor.  Bwahahaha!  Calm down, calm down just a little work type humor.

Day 274 - Sis

Thank you Lisa for spending three quarters of the early football games yesterday putting my headboard together.  Now football is a tough game with injuries and lots of cussing, from players and fans.  All I can say about Lisa during those three quarters is she was upstairs doing a lot of swearing, pounding and hitting walls.  Meanwhile I was downstairs praying and making the enchiladas, potato salad and ham she wanted for dinner.  The prayers were a plea that when it was all over she and the headboard would be in one piece!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 273 - Sis

This is what happens when you don't do a good job of resealing the package the tortillas come in. Since it was only the outer edge on one side that was dried out I did salvage them and it also mean you can fit the enchiladas in a smaller pan. Does that make cheese enchiladas count as a diet food?

Day 273 - Lisa

So the slow process of making the yard ours has some new visuals....
Where's Alice?  My mom gets all the credit for the psychedelic tree stumps!  My tennis shoe has a new home now.  And my mom's pots and pans are now surrounded by growing ground cover.

Day 272 - Sis

Last night we heard a sound we thought was the fridge's ice maker, but on opening the cabinet door I quickly realized, when broken brackets came flying out, and I stopped four Pyrex baking dishes from falling off the top shelf, that there was a problem.  So apparently there's a weight limit and we exceeded it, phfttt, not the first time!