Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 195 - Sis

Warranties filled out and now if the past holds true, the day after we may need them, the product will fail and the expiration date will too!

Day 195 - Lisa

I envisioned BIG and really bright roses like I grew when I was a kid.  I don't know about these "Knock-Out" roses.  They are puny and pretty scraggly.  Course the heatwave didn't help.  Guess I should be happy to have any blooming at all.  Looks like I'll be sending away for the "Disneyland Rose" I want to grow.  Now look at those babies!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 194 - Lisa

I told my mom we should just plant whatever we are going to put in my big tennis shoe planter just like this because that's realistically what they look like in my closet.  Well, minus the pot of water.  We had to drag it to the backyard the shoe is so heavy!  Good to see it again.  ;>

Day 194 - Sis

Apparently our latest night of thunder, lightning, rain and wind has brought another part of the house down.  Wish it could keep the damage to the back of the house so people wouldn't have to see it, or at least wipe all 18 shutters of the face of the place. We would be able to file an insurance claim and get rid of the ugly green things.  Oh the other hand, we should have an awesome haunted house come Halloween!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 193 - Lisa

Whew!  I'm glad we packed theses versus giving them away.  I sense the need to use these will come sooner than my mom or I planned.  I lost my mind and moved into a house with not one staircase but two!

Day 193 - Sis

With the Olympics coming up soon I think oneeya is considering the gymnastics balance beam event. She just might score gold. ;-

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 192 - Lisa

Do we have kidneys on our countertop?  No, those are Rachel Ray Olive Oil holders.  Costco, the things we pick up at Costco but they are so vibrant and unique.  <rolling eyes>

Day 192 - Sis

On to some other area to open boxes and beginning to think we should open a stationery store.  Or we could keep our spending stationary when we have the urge to buy wrapping paper, gift boxes, gift bags, ribbon, seasonal cards!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 191 - Lisa

When I was a little girl I had countless doctors and nurses bags.  You know those cheap ones you'd get at the grocery stores toy section?  I'd dream of taking care of patients.  Putting band-aids on all my willing family members, listening to their heart beats with my plastic instruments.  Who knew I'd grow to get one of those bags.  Only this one has tools in it.  I wonder how many other handyman where flipflops, a lounging dress and ponytail to hang pictures?  ;>

Day 191 - Sis

Well last Saturday before we started the day with a different view from the yard.  The fence had an encounter with some strong wind, it was given a temporary fix. Very temporary because on Tuesday night the new storm opened it up and added a another reminder of it's strength by taking a few tree branches down too.  Maybe by the end of summer the tree will be a stump! Singing, "A Rainy Night in Georgia."

Monday, July 09, 2012

Day 190 - Lisa

Had to bring in our plants, taking a beating from the heat!

Day 190 - Sis

Yesterday about dusk I realized I hadn't watered the front yard plants.  Then I realized quickly I had forgotten about the "bubble" on the recently purchased   garden hose. Bursting a bubble proved it's not always depressing, sometimes it can be quite refreshing on a hot summer evening!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Day 189 - Lisa

I left buckets, buckets I tell you of sweat on the garage floor putting up these shelves.  Now we just have to get organized.  Yeah, as soon as the garage cools down from the 120 degrees it was today.

Day 189 - Sis

Another visit to Lowe's.  Purchases of more garage shelves, bug spray, Goo Gone, plant caddies, all needed for household.  Plants bought, needed for aesthetics of home and mind.