Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 202 - Sis

Whew, well the storm wasn't without some damage, we woke up to a small flood in the garage, now have to wait for someone to give us an estimate on what repairs will cost.  This was followed by an unexpected, costly, vet visit for my dog, (allergies). Yes siree bob, we are one week away from vacation, hope it's not going to be "New Orleans Survivor" type of get-away!

Day 202 - Lisa

Woke half thinking the all the trees would be blown over, instead we got the flooding my mom mentioned, a hole in the roof.  It looks like winter but open the door and it's like you stuck your head in an oven.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 201 - Sis

Holey Moley, this was a light version of the preview of things that came this evening.  Loudest, biggest number of lightning strikes I have seen in the three summers I've spent here!  The dog did not hesitate to come upstairs and get in my bed with me, although sleeping wasn't any easier, no matter what room you were in.  Power has to go sometime tonight.

Day 201 - Lisa

We've had thunderstorms all week.  Tonight was the biggest.  Started around 11pm.  It felt like our house was inside the thunderclouds.  Lighting up my bedroom with flashes so close together it looked like a strobe light.  I tried and tried to capture the lightning, best I could do.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 200 - Sis

After finding my old files it was time to go through the paperwork.  This means a full day of reading old contracts, tax returns, checks, letters, etc.  Then the next step is sorting what you want to shred.  This was a huge chunk of mine and my husband's lives together and those times come back to mind. When you see a loan you had that charged 17.95% annual interest, you have to shake your head, but those were also the days you could claim all the interest when you filed your taxes.  It was a struggle to make those payments and we probably could have been better at managing our finances but we were young and ignorant.  We weren't alone, most of our peers were in the same circumstances. There were also papers that showed progress in our money handling and the start of times when it brought a more comfortable lifestyle for us and our daughters.  It also made us appreciate what our parents had to go through to bring us the best that they could, which for some of us was very minimal.  Never, good or bad financially, did we struggle with enjoying and sharing life with family and friends. I hope that part endures for all, young and old.

Day 200 - Lisa

Thursday night we settle in to watch another Giants game.  Happy they are playing Braves cause it's in our time zone.  I can stay up for the whole game.  Well, not counting Wednesday night that ended at 12:45pm-ish.  Gosh it seems awfully light at Turner Field.  Nevermind, I'm going upstairs to take a quick shower.  I get a text from my mom later as I stayed upstairs.  "Why is the Giants mobile site saying the Braves 3, Giants 2 - Final Score if I'm still watching it?  LOL  Dawned on neither of us till her question to me that we were watching a tape delayed game.  Aye yi yi!  I think we need a vacation.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 199 - Lisa

Look Mom; the horses June 2010.  ;>

Day 199 - Sis

Hello Beautiful!  Wow I just love good-looking redheads.;0

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 198 - Lisa

Now that the garage is cleared I guess I need to start on a couple projects:  sanding and repainting to favor items.  My little mirror with the orchid on it.  And my Nan's old hutch.  She gave it to my mom many years ago, I was a little girl and then it came with us to Livermore and now here.  It's been many colors over the years but it always makes me think of her.  She was a straight shooter, I miss her.

Day 198 - Sis

Okay the tree trimmer guy came out today to give an estimate for removal of two dead trees. Of course  it's not that simple!  There are actually five dead trees and I was just concerned about one sixty footer falling!  He explained pine trees don't fall they usually snap due to heavy winds or lightning, geeze that's such a relief!  A large beetle infestation has hit this year and they only destroy pine trees.  Thank you sir, that's good to know, because if they only prefer pines we should, over time, only lose approximately 28 of the 33 trees in the backyard.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 197 - Sis

Puzzling.  Why did the marinaded artichokes jar size shrink so much from the older one  and cost just about the same?  Because as  I've grown older and increased in size,  I cost less than before.

Day 197 - Lisa

My "first" meal on the gas stove.  Steak Picado - got some peppers for homemade mole simmering in the back, marinated strip steak with green and red bell peppers sauting with onion and garlic.  Mama whipped up the salsa earlier and got the beans and rice going.  Soul food night!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 196 - Lisa

I'm on day two of assembling this.  I'm not usually intimidated with assembling these pieces of furniture but this one had me frustrated.  It's not really that hard but however wrote the instructions was sadistic!

Day 196 - Sis

Well little squirrels sure hope on Tuesday, when the tree trimmer agent comes out to examine and tell us which trees are in danger of falling soon, this one won't be one of them.  Hate to have any tree taken down especially one your favorites.