Saturday, September 08, 2012

Day 251 - Lisa

My tia Madeline says all my cats have been crazy.  I say they have character and personality.  sunii might be tops in terms of thinking she is Queen Supreme.  And the girl knows how to live life.  Took these today while I was trying to put things in my new dresser and organize my bedroom.  Ms. Nosy had to be in EVERYTHING as always.

Day 251 - Sis

Bedroom preparations being made before visitors and new mattress arrives.  This is a futon that will be used only in an emergency, because they're SO comfortable.  After cleaning and getting ready to put on new cover I realized it looks like a room to keep a hostage, starting to worry Jack Bauer may break the door down one night!

Friday, September 07, 2012

Day 250 - Lisa

A coconut pie is always tasty or pumpkin.  Nothing like a German chocolate cake or an apple turnover. Yet, why is a good old fashion peanut butter and jelly sandwich still so good.  We still have a sandwich and cup of Joe for dessert once in the while.  Always hits the spot.  My favorites are blackberry, strawberry or red raspberry!  Oh yeah and the coffee just black, please!

Day 250 - Sis

We have stairs!  But there's a catch or fall just waiting to happen.  It's been so noisy with hammers and power tools going all day, can't believe the birds and squirrels aren't standing outside the window with protest signs.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Day 249 - Lisa

Boy do we have basil.  It seems to be the one thing my mom was able to grow this year.  Lots and lots of it.  Going to be so nice once the deck is done to grow all our herbs again.  Nothing like walking out and cutting so oregano, basil, thyme, etc.

Day 249 - Sis

I figure a lot of us save our change, unless you have kids, and the container looks like this when it's full.  If you're like me it's taking the change in to get the amount in greenbacks that's the problem.  Some banks want it rolled and stores have a machine that counts it and charge you a percentage.  Why does it make me feel miser like when I exchange the money that is US currency?  Also look  how it affects the container.  I end up feeling miserly and guilty !

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Day 248 - Lisa

sunii & the discovery of liver:  sunii believes that everything in our house including the dog and us belong to her.  We are here to serve her needs.  She inspects and keeps inventory of every single thing that enters our home.  She sniffs, climbs on, under and in whatever she possibly can to check it out.  So far there's only two things that scare the bejeezes out of her;  the smoke detector and the garage door opener.  Everything else;  the cat is fierce.  Nothing fazes her.  Why the big introduction?  Because the cat is also super lucky.  I guess because she was with us first she thinks anything oneeya does or has belongs to her too.  No sense of the dog is eating so I might want to stay clear.  oneeya is taking allergy meds and my mom has to find new and creative ways to get her to down her meds.  Today the meds were stuffed in some canned liver flavored dog food.  sunii normally thumbs her nose to all foods only eating her own dry food.  Today as oneeya is eating, sunii saunters in, nose in the air.  She sits practically on top of oneeya sniffing her and trying to nose her way into the bowl.  At one point, she has her head under oneeya's chin smelling what oneeya is eating.  oneeya just keeps trying to eat.  Finally, oneeya gives up and backs away, licks sunii on the face, sniffs her and sits back like "go ahead, it's not worth you bugging me."  sunii goes to the bowl and proceeds to eat all the rest.  She is SO lucky that oneeya is a sweet and patient doggie.  She has no clue this is not normal.

Day 248 - Sis

It seems squirrels also stop to smell the roses!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Day 247 - Lisa

We would have been in big big BIG trouble if Hobby Lobby had been in California!

Day 247 - Sis

This is the unsafe deck we have and this will soon be the new, safe deck that will replace it!  Big relief to know we and others, whenever we get visitors, will be able to use it without stress or concern for our lives.  Can't wait to sit on it, with my bug spray in my hand of course!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Day 246 - Sis

I like my iPhone. I like all the features. I like to play games and the handy App store makes games available.  I like the people who play these games with me.  I like sleep.  I liked to tell these people that I like and play the games, but  I'm spending valuable sleep time. Spelling words for points, guessing songs from genres I don't have a clue about, drawing pictures on a split, ( truly split, from dropping ), screen which makes the drawings Picasso like. Soon I will have to hire someone to play the games for me if I don't get some sleep!  Just be patient folks I'll get to my turn, yawn.

Day 246 - Lisa

This is pretty much the prettiest rainbow, hitting the jackpot, heaven on earth of all food combos for me.  LOL!  

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Day 245 - Sis

We did not start out today to buy plants and stands, but for the two of us, going to a store that has a garden section is almost as fatal as going to a store that sells music.  I think we're close to having more plants indoors than out.

Day 245 - Lisa

Our New Orleans dining room is coming together.  We added a fence.  ;>  And some plant stands.   sunii is enjoying her plants and window, nice breeze on a super humid day.