Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 237 - Lisa

My cousin Ruben made this stand for my mom, his Godmother, when he was about 14 or 15 years old so that makes the stand approximately 33 years old.  It leans a bit and it's had about 4 coats of paint but it's still functional.  In fact, we are convinced the paint is the only thing holding it together.  It's been to LA, Chicago, Livermore and now ATL as my mom gave it to me when I moved out, then it reunited with her when we bought our home in Livermore together.  It's well traveled.  It's had a wide variety of plants live on it, it's held snowman, nutcrackers, angels, roosters, candles, pictures, lights and pets on it's three platforms.  Some material things have so many memories attached to them it's impossible to say goodbye.  So red she be!  I'm thinking a really healthy purple Wandering Jew belongs on top.  So many jokes to make over that last sentence.  Nah, I'll leave it alone for now.  ;>

Day 237 - Sis

Starting to try new recipes and hope to find some favorites.  This past week we ate five various dishes, we found four out of five are keepers!   At this rate with all the ones I have saved and not collecting any more, cooking everyday,  we should be through the binders around 2015. :-/  Now you know I have no plans to cook everyday and doubt if we will repeat this week's success.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 236 - Sis

When I commuted to work I found that audio books really helped past the time and made the frustration of sitting in traffic a diversion from screaming at other drivers and explaining the rules of the road. Recently after unpacking  music CDs I found this audio book among them.  Have no idea where or who it came from, if it was mine or Lisa's, but I planned on listening to it.  I had started a painting project and thought this ten CD  book was a great way to do some physical work and past the time. I did learn pretty fast that the car, where you aren't interrupted to answer a door, let a dog in or out, receive a phone call or even nature's call, is a much better setting to listen to a book.  When I left the area where it was playing I'd forget to stop it, making it necessary when coming back to rewind and hear some pages repeated.  I suppose with my comprehension level not as strong as a few years ago I shouldn't complain but it's beginning to feel like there are 15 CDs !

Day 236 - Lisa

Oh my!  LOL perfect for this political season.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 235 - Sis

Time for allergy animal to have her shampoo medicated bath, which means I must gather together the items necessary, besides towels.  The treats to entice her up the stairs and into the bathroom, of course the shampoo and today I needed the leash since she caught on to the treat trail trap. She's not ever eager to have me lift her into the tub and can't say I am either.  So I think one more item is necessary, just have to have a winch installed in the ceiling over the tub.

Day 235 - Lisa

Visitors are coming!!!  Woohoo!  I hope my sister leaves her friends at home.  Not sure they'd survive oneeya and sunii.  ;>

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 234 - Lisa

Beautification to the hideous porch.  Gotta get ready for all those hunters coming to stay at Carrier Lodge!  LOL

Day 234 - Sis

About five years back I ordered a few things as a joke from this company.  I get an email occasionally from them with new ways to use our last name on clothes, hats, etc.  Well today their ad came in the mail.  I knew I had to dispose of it quickly.  See, I have a daughter that wanted to open a tamale parlor in New Orleans until the reality of the cost, to start one, hit her.  And even though no one in my family hunts or has any experience in running a lodge, (well if you don't count people who come to visit and you wonder when they will be checking out), she might think we could do this.  I mean she would be on multiple websites, investigating hunting equipment, clothing and how to make your own jerky!  "Mom this wouldn't be any different than what you do now, sure a few more rooms to clean and you're use to cooking too much food.  We could do it, Mom are you listening?"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 233 - Sis

Remember how Tim Allen  in Home Improvement would make that grunting noise whenever a new power tool became available to him?  That's how I was feeling today when I saw this planter pot.  I pick up Lisa's new drill and am getting that grunt mentality.  Here I go, hit the button, one spin and it stops. Whaatt?!  Dead battery.  Leaves me no choice, have to go old school and grunts are not longer a thought, they're coming with each hammer hit.

Day 233 - Lisa

Yes, those are CD's.  Finally unpacking and putting the bookcases to use.  These are my mom's little African animals.  Another World Market purchase.  They make me feel happy when I see them.  I want to break out singing, "It's the Circle, Circle of Life."  And yes, we are that ANAL!  Little tabs by genre.  My mama did the hard work of sorting, I just made and inserted the tags.  ;>  Teamwork.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 232 - Lisa

Saved and saved, finally found a good deal I could not refuse!  Now the baseball players are taller than my mom in our living room.  55" baby!

Day 232 - Sis

This stand is my project.  We were trying to go with a red that hopefully will look fine with that "reddish" mirror in the dining room.  No the bright yellow hutch will not be in the same room!  Well not for now anyway.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 231 - Lisa

Working in a hot, humid garage is not ideal but sanding and coat one is now done.  It's going to take quite a few coats to get her looking like we want.

Day 231 - Sis

One of the big grocery stores in our area, couple of miles from home. It's a place that provides us convenience and a pretty big variety of foodstuff.  Usually we visit it once a week after Lisa gets home from work.  Today I did the shopping by myself, as Lisa was getting a little more bed time and had plans to continue working on something while I was gone. Most of my life I have done the grocery shopping alone and like it when I can go early in the morning there is plenty of parking and less people.  So while folks were attending church and praying, I was paying and praying I could stay in my budget.