Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 27 - Sis

Well it seems a week has slipped by without a post from me. I know, you were probably moaning and suffering horribly from the withdrawals that I have caused. So let's see what I'm itching to bring you about the other thing that "bugs" me here. See this luscious, juicy, colorful watermelon? I have come to believe that this is what I look like to the insects in Georgia, round, sweet and delectable. Okay the round part is not a mistake, the sweet and delectable our a matter of opinion and NO, I do not need to hear them. I swear the little critters are on 12 hour shifts because no matter what time I go out, and having a dog it's usually at least three times a day, they immediately go to work. Any exposed part of my body is a target but the ankes and arms seems to be the prime cuts for them. From what I have learned the main culprits in the area are: mosquitos, biting gnats and the, WTH, "no-see-ums." I am not kidding, bugs you can't see but bite just like the big guys. I have to buy some OFF spray very soon or get a transfusion, geez. Figure I will soon have a degree in bugology from the state of Georgia and scars to prove it.

Week 27 - Lisa

To counter or not to counter?!  This week was our version of Shakespeare's infamous "To be or not to be."  Well, after three years for me and two for my mama we finally found, agreed upon and made an offer on a home.  We had probably drove by, pondered and viewed on line more than two hundred homes in our quest to find our little slice of JoJah.  So if all goes well we will begin the process of revamping our new digs in the middle of August, hopefully moving in some time in September.  It took several back and forths between buyer and seller to land on an agreeable price but the deed, no pun intended, is done!