Saturday, June 09, 2012

Day 160 - Lisa

We got a new microwave, I guess I forgot that it was a tad more powerful than the old one in the apartment.  I'm doing a lot of sighing this week.  <sigh>

Day 160 - Sis

So Lisa and I are sitting at the table on a beautiful Sunday morning, having coffee and talking when a loud cracking noise gets our attention. Holy smoley, a branch about seven feet long broke off the top of a tree and hit the ground hard.  This only confirms my fear of waking with a tree in my bedroom or it's a warning about all those remaining cardboard boxes we have in different rooms. Yes that's me whimpering.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Day 159 - Lisa

She thinks she is BIG stuff on her stairs!  She's in the middle of the action but out of the way.

Day 159 - Sis

As good as oneeya is, she does have a flaw in her brain.  When she sees open space she ruuunnnns!  I remember reading that in her folder when I adopted her but figured once she felt secure she would be cured. Hah, so I'm not going to pursue a career as a dog psychologist. >:-(  Until the gate lock can be repaired this trash can, filled with yard clippings and branches will stand guard.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Day 158 - Lisa

The yahoos before us bought plastic fans.  So when I went to dust I disabled my fan.  <sigh>

Day 158 - Sis

My sister, Chickie, is a regular contributor to our salami cravings and whatever other favorites we can't get here.  This time she added the set of kitchen towels and potholders for us and Giants panda pillow for each of the animals for housewarming gifts! A big thank you for all this Chick.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Day 157 - Lisa

My babies are growing up so fast!

Day 157 - Sis

Sure wish we could recycle and make some money from all the cardboard boxes being broken down.  I feel guilty when I look out the window and the trees seem to be frowning!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Day 156 - Lisa

One full and one filled a quarter of the way is what it took to move us into our home.  Now we have to unpack.  My mom and I spent our first two nights laying in our beds moaning and groaning from the pain  of sorting and putting everything away.  We are not even close to being finished.  I think I'm going to need knee replacement after all this.  I sense a huge yard sale in the future. 

Day 156 - Sis

Hey today I found, stuck in the back of the dresser drawer, the missing partner to one earring!  These were bought to wear to an 85th birthday celebration of a family favorite, cool guy, Joe Bravo.  His daughters threw a great party and when I wear them it will remind me of that happy gathering.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Day 155 - Lisa

By Monday, things were back to normal for sunii, the Warrior Kitty!  Different scenario, same cat.

Day 155 - Sis

With much relief today, during unpacking, I found him and some of his belongings.  He's here with me, until I'm there with him.  Met when I was 15 and he was 16, married at 18 and 19.  Our marriage lasted three months short of 42 years.  Really missed his presence during this whole process of house buying and moving in.  He would have loved hanging with all the workmen and putting in his ideas about the various projects.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Day 154 - Lisa

oneeya was excited to show sunii around the house.  This highly annoyed sunii.  For the first 24 hours you couldn't get near her without her hissing and spitting at us.  She eventually calmed down.  By Sunday night they were exhausted from exploring the house and going up and down the stairs.  Poor babies.  Big changes for them and us.

Day 154- Sis

First morning, out of bed, short walk to the upstairs landing where I could enjoy the view of the backyard.  Now for that first cup of morning coffee. AHHH!