Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 223 - Lisa

Busy day decorating.  Some things new, some things from our home in California.  My mom and I like a colorful home; vibrant and bright.  While in New Orleans in June 2010, my mom and I spent a whole morning taking pictures in the neighborhood streets of the French Quarter.  We both were intrigued with the different doors.  We didn't really know this till we shared our pictures.  On this trip, we went into an artist co-op gallery to look around.  I fell in love with these two pieces showcasing French Quarter doors.  The artist uses oil paints and the foil from wine and liquor bottles, I thought it was really creative.  Yes a tad whimsical for my normal tastes.  Come to find out she lives part time in Livermore and part time in New Orleans.  Small world.    When my mom worked at Target they used to have the World Market with lots of really cool furniture, frames, vases and other decorative household items from around the world.  She fell in love with this red mirror (Philippines) and we both loved the chests (Indonesia) and mirrors (India), so we waited and waited for the clearances and used her discount to claim our pieces.  They remind me of Livermore now and that makes me happy.

Day 223 - Sis

While Lisa hung mirrors and pictures in different rooms, sunii followed and was underfoot.  Guess she got tired of walking in and around Lisa's work space and decided to just hang out.  Oh how convenient that this stand was available but not sure it was her idea or if someone planted her there.  She does have a look in her eyes, that says, "Grandma!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 222 - Lisa

Before leaving for NOLA we ran the refrigerator empty of most all groceries.  Upon returning one thing led to another and we never got to the grocery store.  Five more nights of picking up food or going to a restaurant has left me feeling REALLY bloated and sluggish.  Longhorn was the last hurrah. Time to get back to our daily routine and pronto!!!

Day 222 - Sis

The last morning in New Orleans a small storm hit before we left the hotel.  The last two days here, weather has brought hard hitting storms that last a half hour and move on.  Today we get the third in a row which is expected to be around a little longer.  Oh well don't have to water the plants.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Day 221 - Lisa

Staying fit and healthy is one thing but this is down right scary.  What are these guys thinking?  It's uncomfortable watching him in the anchor chair looking a bit like an impish Lurch!  LOL

Day 221 - Sis

The Olympics will be closing on Sunday and the games have been good for the U.S. in the medal count.  I don't think this guy/girl? standing on a balcony in New Orleans made it, because from his attire looks like he/she may have overused some substances to enhance that body!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Day 220 - Lisa

We haven't grocery shopped since returning home.  I guess I cannot get the fried food or cream sauces out of my system yet.  We went to Chili's tonight; quick and easy but really not good on the arteries!

Day 220 - Sis

Waiting for the man to show up from AT&T to correct a problem.  Last night while watching the Olympics the sound went out.  Neither of us are proficient in lip reading so this will make it difficult to grasp the full weight of information the announcers give us in great detail of what we're watching.  Now I'm not saying we understand or will even remember most of this information but it beats listening to the humming cicadas that are outside in the trees while the events are happening. The other situation it causes  for me is, I'm going to have to listen to my daughter who's really honing in on a famous sportscaster face.  He has always been known for his youthful looks.  It does seem he has had some face work, problem being, it's not working.  Lisa's never ending comments go from, "What the hell is wrong with his mouth?", to "What the hell was he thinking?"  and so much more.  Which means that one voice I do get to hear is spiking my blood pressure.  Please Mr. AT&T fix this so it will take away that dangerous health side effect I'm experiencing from the chattering in here!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Day 219 - Sis

Package arrival from my sister Chickie. We didn't ask for anything from home, but she has good salami radar I guess.  Also oneeya had demolished her last toy from her Tia so here's her new one.

Day 219 - Lisa

First day back at work after vacation.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Day 218 - Sis

We're all home now, and two critters letting us know how they felt about our return.

Day 218 - Lisa

I'd rather be here for lunch today.  ;<

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Day 217 - Lisa

Spent the day unpacking China and trying to make it all fit in the China Hutch.  Whew!  We did it.

Day 217 - Sis

Okay, brought home three extra pounds and they are not in my suitcase.  Looks like Monday I may have to make two urgent calls. Just have to decide which first - Weight Watchers or AA!