Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 6 - Lisa

All work, no play makes Lisa really GRUMPY!  Saturday I was standing blurry-eyed at the gas pump at 5:50am and I glanced at the digital reading.  $3 bucks!  When did we creep back up?  Aye yi yi.  I try not to pay attention to gas prices cause it's not like it matters; I still have to pour the petrol into the tank to get where I need to be.  <shoulder shrug>  Considering it was a Saturday morning that I discovered the gas hike and I also had to work I thought <insert a not so nice phrase> I am going to get us donuts.  You can always tell come Monday morning that a crew was in over the weekend.  Dunkin' Donut boxes are usually on a table with one or two stale sugar tires still left over.  I cannot remember if it was Wednesday or Thursday but I got a package in the mail with the below Monkey chain from WOOT.  It was a Valentine gift for customers that have been away too long.  Yeah well I guess I've been away awhile cause I'm back to paying $3 bucks for gas!  What do I do with this weird funky looking Monkey keychain? Looks like sunii got a new toy. This long never-ending week has ended with a bowl of Cherrios and viewing of the Grammys for Sunday dinner.  Oh and look, our old friend the sun made an appearance this week.  Check out the purple prism thingies I captured.  I have no clue how that happen.  Science ain't my thang but it's still pretty cool.  The best part of week 6 - PITCHERS & CATCHERS REPORTED TO SPRING TRAINING TODAY!  Let's Go Giants, Let's Go!  ;>

Week 6 - Sis

Gorgeous day low 60's expected, not gorgeous me, but I'm in the high 60's everyday. We had a light snowfall on early Thursday morning that was melted by 5 p.m. No outside activity for me but having the e-book has taken up quite a bit of my time. Really think e-books should come with a disclaimer for seniors. Something like: Warning this devise comes with the following side effects; pain in left hand, particularly in thumb, due to repetitive clicking on arrow to turn pages. Left eye may show strain and become quite red. Sleeping disorders may occur due to the reading of just one more chapter. In the middle of the week, because of my daughter's work hours, I was the one making her minestrone soup recipe for dinner. The daughter failed to inform me that I should cut the recipe in half, with the results being these two jars of leftovers! Started off with the black pot and after putting in the head of cabbage, still having so many other ingredients to add I brought out "Big Red". One leftover jar was taken to her work to share with a couple of coworkers. This loaf of wheat bread was literally a - Whole Wheat loaf since it wasn't sliced. Number one daughter did not pay attention when she picked it up for purchase, yeah. Well suppose I should wish all you romantics a Happy Valentine's Day. Me? I just never got forcing another person to spend money by the use of emotional blackmail.