Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 139 - Sis

LOL Perfect dessert tonight!  I love them and Lisa doesn't!

Day 139 - Lisa

It was overwhelming and intimidating trying to pick a floor based on samples, even the in-store samples which are 2" x 3" board samples just did not make us feel warm and fuzzy.  Add the crown molding and baseboards throughout the entire house that dominate the look and trying to match or mix-match in the right way we were so undecided.  We finally found something we both liked but it felt a bit "wild."  We called it the Tiger Floor.  ;>  Today, they came and ripped out the old hardwood, pulled up the carpet and demo'ed the staircase.  Been nervous all day how it would look.  WE LOVE IT.  And yeah, it's still kind of wild.  The upstairs is almost complete, the downstairs and staircase will be finished by Sunday.  It's starting to really feel like our home now!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 138 - Sis

Yesterday I was spending the day in the basement while the one guy was installing the new AC and the painters were finishing up a couple of rooms upstairs.  The doorbell rings and I head up the stairs pass through the kitchen, down the short hallway, to the front door. Two young men, high-school age, were standing on the porch.  They gave me a short spiel about raising funds for their church by selling a raffle ticket for a Ford Fiesta and some coupons were included for $10.  I need a car and here it was, a sign from above!  I bought two tickets donating one back to the church.  Hey, I know God appreciated that and might just look a little more favorably on my name being drawn. Yeah I know you can't trick God, sigh.  Still, I wonder if He could add a supercharger to it so I can get out of the driveway!  Oh the coupons?  They are for Chick-fil -A, however my daughter says I can't eat there, so I will send them to a needy woman in Bakersfield California.

Day 138 - Lisa

oneeya being silly and loving her backyard.  Right now because we are not moved in I think she thinks she has her own private Dog Park.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 137 - Lisa

Painting is done!  Floors have arrived!  Sink, faucet & stove are installed!  Still more to do but we are making progress!  It'll be nice to finally see things actually clean but that won't happen for a few more weeks.  ;>

Day 137 - Sis

I am not going to school for foreign languages but think foreign accents might be my next thing to study.  I've pretty much understand Mexican or any Latino accent, along with Portuguese, well they are two of my four bloodlines.  However, Eastern Bloc accents are much more difficult for me.  The accent could be of Bosnian, Croatian, Lithuanian or Russian and they all speak rapidly. I feel like my head swivels at mach speed and causes my brain to seize up.  Now the Georgia accent, not the country, the State, is another that takes me a while to process because my brain has to slooooow down and my mind starts to wander waiting for a sentence to end. Almost like the Tower of Babel trying to communicate with workers at our house, the Tower of Terror of needed repairs.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 136 - Lisa

The thought that within the next 3 weeks we might both be sleeping on real beds again seems unbelievable and emotional. LOL!  My back is giving us a standing ovation!

Day 136 - Sis

This is my checkbook and it use to get opened maybe once or twice a month.  In the last two weeks it gets opened once or twice a day.  Now placing a new packet of checks in for the future two weeks! Going to change the Bonnie Raitt song "Home" lyrics from- "home sings me of sweet things" to - home sings me of more needs!"

Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 135 - Lisa

Out with the old, in with the new.  See you later Mr. Heater and Mr. AC Unit.  We hardly knew you.   More changes at the ole' Money Pit.

Day 135 - Sis

Yes, I love flowers, nice dinners, cologne, jewelry, but right now, these two cards from my daughters means they truly understand in giving me exacting what I wanted!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 134 - Lisa

Thank you Francis Ford Coppola.  I love your wine Sofia.  I also love the bottle.  I might actually love the bottle more.  I have visions of a set of pretty candle holders once I'm done enjoying the second bottle.

Here's some info on this particular wine:

Feminine and stylish, with a fragrant perfume of fresh strawberries and lavendar, this rosé explodes with ripe, juicy flavors of cherry, raspberry and citrus zest. This refreshing wine is reminiscent of the popular dry rosés served in seaside café along the French Riviera. It’s crisp, delicate, and elegantly fruity with just a kiss of spice on the finish.
We typically harvest the grapes for our Sofia Rosé at a lower brix to ensure we get a light wine that pairs elegantly with food. For color extractions, the grapes are cold-soaked for 48 hours before the juice is separated from the skins.
  • Alluring and refreshing, our Sofia Rosé is perfect for easy sipping on a lazy afternoon.
  • Elegant blend of Monterey County Syrah and Grenache.

Day 134 - Sis

After seeing the weather report for Mother's Day earlier in the week and being asked by daughter number one what I'd like for dinner, my choice was easy.  Make me, ummm, fully loaded potato soup, for dinner. She did it justice, thank you Lisa.