Saturday, March 03, 2012

Day 63 - Sis

We were on tornado watch last night so prepared an inside closet in case we had to ride one out. Fortunately we were maybe 10 miles from the nearest hit but the storm still was strong all night, bringing heavy rain, lightning and loud, rumbling, shaking thunder! After a night of interrupted sleep we found my, 2011 birthday, bulbs came through the storm and even bloomed on a bright and sunny day. Literally, the darkest hours are before the dawn!

Day 63 - Lisa

I was sitting in my truck while my mom took oneeya into the Vet this morning.  I look across the street and seen this tree.  It cracked me up.  Did the storm do this?  No clue whether it dropped it's leaves in this particular way or the wind did this.  Anyway it gave me a chuckle.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Day 62 - Lisa

Spent the night watching storm warnings and building our bunker in case the TARNAYDERS touched down upon us!  Around 3 in the morning there was a crackling of lightening that lit up the whole apartment and woke me up.  Then came one rolling thunder outburst that sounded like a freight train coming through the apartment.  sunii jumped on the bed right next to me and just stared at the window as it shook like a hula girl.  Thankfully that was the worst of it for us!

Day 62 - Sis

Liking the new look on Taylor Kitsch. Watched Friday Night Lights faithfully and liked his Tim Riggins role but didn't like the hairstyle so much. Always nice to watch him and Kyle Chandler on a weekly basis. Okay, I'm aware I'm too old to be a cougar, but if I wasn't, think there would be a poster of this guy in my bedroom!!!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Day 61 - Lisa

This little birdie was just whistling it's heart out enjoying the crisp breeze after a rainy night.  I think he knew I was listening and enjoying his performance.

Day 61 - Sis

Beautiful 70 degree weather today and decided dog would probably enjoy a walk up to PetSmart, where she could walk around sniffing to her heart's delight and I could buy her some Dentustix and Pup Peroni. Got the recycle bag, put in a light jacket,(never know here when the weather will change, no matter what the reports are), keys, doggy poop bag. Set, let's go oneeya, we start the 30-40 minute round trip. Enjoying the light breeze, a block away from the store I realize, ah forgot the means to purchase the treats. Another reminder, which by the way I could have used, that my mental list wasn't complete.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 60 - Lisa

Sometimes when I come home the day has been so hectic I just need to go in my room and lay down for a few minutes.  Just to clear my head and have a quiet moment.  I have to be careful though, my bed can be hazardous for my health.

Dosing off - what is pulling on me?


Oh did I wake you mom?

Day 60 - Sis

AAHHHHH! A simple back scratcher just one of the best little tools invented.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 59 - Sis

I saw these new vehicles with what looked like a throw back, two tone, paint jobs from the 50's and 60's. Thought maybe because they were black and white it was new for police cars or taxis. Also thought the pattern was very odd. Oh that's a white protective plastic covering!  Nevermind.

Day 59 - Lisa

I don't know what's happen to me?  I used to be bold and eclectic in my tastes, especially earrings. I was looking for something else and found these collecting dust in one of my little boxes.  It's all I can do to remember to brush my teeth and comb my hair in the morning, let alone pick out a pair of earrings.  I need to kick up the pizzazz!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 58 - Sis

On oneeya's and my daily walks it's becoming less about exercise for both of us, with the only health benefit for me is the vitamin D I get from the sun exposure. oneeya has turned into an avid hunter since last week when she captured a small lizard. She didn't have it long because I jerked her collar and she dropped it. The huge 4 inch, pencil thin lizard, upon landing on it's feet, opened its mouth and may have even hissed. Looking just like a miniature creature from Jurassic Park, it quickly scurried back into a shrub. And so every leaf pile, shrub, pine straw, grassy area, is now investigated by the dog, oh with considerable breaks in between for the short, red, hunter. Oh yes, exhausted from the pressure of stalking prey she then has a long nap on the loveseat.

Day 58 - Lisa

My top ten things to do list for Nawlins in August besides eating, drinking, listening to music and doing the Satchmo Club Crawl.  My mom says I write like a doctor BUT I know what it means.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 57 - Lisa

I'm starting to freak out a bit.  The so-called "sweet little lamb" my mom bought oneeya for her birthday is creeping me out.  It keeps turning up in unusual places.  It's in one place when you are in the room, you leave, come back and it's some place else.  I never see oneeya play with it.  And it is like it's taunting sunii.  Today, my mom is walking oneeya, sunii is sleeping on my bed, I'm cleaning my bathroom.  I "swear" it was in the middle of the living room rug when I left the room.  Yet, I come out of my room and find it here...

I'm starting to think we have our own Zuni or Chucky!!!  I better not find this lamb in my bedroom!!!

Day 57 - Sis

Don't know if this was caused by Mother Nature or human. As you see weather is becoming an ongoing theme in my life. Remember when you could just get up and dress according to the season? Now the four seasons can show up in a week's time.