Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 180 - Lisa

Neither of us had read much about the movie Ted.  I knew it had Mark Wahlberg in it and it was about a teddy bear that comes to life.  I did not know it was in the same vain as the Hangover, American Pie, etc.  You could tell we are tired because I did not scope this out when Jacob asked to go see it and then I asked his mom if it was ok and she did not know much about it either and said yes.  LOL!

Crass, crude, vulgar and well, pretty dang funny but also a lot of cringing because Jacob was with us.  However, the kid is like teflon, he was only focused on how hysterical the bear was and anyone who got smashed, crushed, beat up or blown up in the movie so I doubt he will be scarred for life or anything.

Aye yi yi!

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