Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 230 - Lisa

Day 1 of what I believe is going to be a week long project.  Repainting my great grandma's hutch so we can use to house my mom's teapots.  She had someone make her this hutch back when she lived in Richmond.  We don't know when but she was going to get rid of it in the late 60's.  My mom said she'd take it.  Over the years of my child and adulthood it's been several colors.  For 15 years it just sat in our garage in Livermore housing paper stuff and other junk.  Poor thing got kicked around and a tad beat up.  We are going to give it back life as a showcase.  Tangerine, here we come!

Day 230 - Sis

Spent a good bit of time at Home Depot today.  Shopping list - 1- Plants for front porch, and hope they make it through the remaining days of summer. 2- Paint for a couple of projects. 3- Router for Lisa's Milwaukee drill. 4- Sanding paper for those aforementioned projects. 5- Batteries, because we always need them in every size, this time triple A's!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 229 - Lisa

Well the colossus crepe myrtles have finally started to bloom on the front side of our house.  They need to be cut back so bad, that's a winter project, so we have these huge tree shedding their flower pedals.  Creating a big MESS.  All over my car, the driveway, the lawn. 

Day 229 - Sis

Finished, I thought!  Forgot about the sets and that one box at the bottom.  Now the genre labels need to be made by Lisa so we don't have eye strain and frustration trying to find the particular music we want to hear.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 228 - Lisa

Impulse spending on vacation was at a high level in New Orleans; art, lots of drinks and my baseball cap THAT I got at Lids inside the Riverwalk Mall.  Of course there are Lids all across America but something about being on vacation gives us more patience, more guts to spend $$ on stuff we really don't need and well time, lots of time we normally don't have.  So I dreamed up this cap while watching a kid get his custom made baseball cap.  Tribe name on front, family lineage on left side, Tribal homeland on the right side and our Tribal bird on the back.  Red, white and black represent the colors we use to paint our bodies during dance ceremony.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 227 - Sis

Finally finished the pantry and think we should not buy groceries and mess it up!  Celebrated with a drink, non alcoholic since I reached my yearly quota while in New Orleans.

Day 227 - Lisa

Work is like a vortex.  Any rest gained while on vacation seems to be sucked into the vortex called work the moment you open the building door.  I haven't been getting home till after 6:30pm, something 7:00pm, 7:30pm since returning from New Orleans and now we are talking about manning a Swing Shift for which I'll be on a rotation to cover.  Come on vacation in September.  Oh how I look forward to you.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 226 - Lisa

The simple life!  God has blessed me for many years now.  Oh the lessons of youth!

Day 226 - Sis

Lisa and I have bickered, (surprise), over how the pantry should be set up.  We knew it needed a redo but where was the best place for some items, like baking pans, racks, extra can goods and how to arrange what will stay in the pantry.  Since I do most of the cooking, am the shortest and have an arthritic left hip, I think things used more often should be at eye (or I ) level.  She, who is close to 7" taller and has a bad knee thinks when she needs an item they should not be on the lower shelves.  We decided to move many utensils and extra comestibles onto a couple of shelves into the garage.  Just have to open the door across from the pantry, one step down and all of it is right there.  Still a bit hard on the hip or knee but beats 13 steps down to the basement and back. Little hiccup in moving these things when I knocked over a glass jar of marinated artichokes and it exploded like an IUD when it the engaged the  floor.  Kind of slowed my progress down.  Olive oil doesn't clean up easily so went and got some cat litter to soak it up, shush, don't tell sunii.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 225 - Lisa

Look out neighborhood my mama and I finally got our stereo set-up!  I wonder if Stevie Wonder will mellow out sunii and oneeya like he used to do with our other pets?  LOL!  Saturday household chores just got a whole lot better now that we have our tunes back!

Day 225 - Sis

Yesterday Lisa put up some colorful postcards we bought in New Orleans.  We thought they could brighten up the area over the kitchen cabinets and after much measuring we felt they were just right.  We then had dinner which included chile verde, refried beans and Spanish rice. After dinner we sat down to watch the Olympics closing ceremonies and I left this pan to soak and loosen the rice stuck to the bottom.  It was late when the ceremonies ended and we both went to bed.  This morning I found one post card face down in the pan.  Yep, it's true, Louisiana shrimp does go with rice apparently  a few go further than others!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 224 - Sis

Lately it seems like when one task or problem is completed it leads to another one.  Sunday had packages to mail to California so Lisa, my chauffeur and oneeya, truly my road dog, rode with me to the post office.  You know that advertisement the USPS has about the Priority Mail, " If it fits we ship"?  Well I did my part and made it fit but when I tried the ship step, I almost broke my arm trying to open the damn box.  It was full and I was standing there thinking, " If it fits, could  mean a muscle may rip." Well it did mean we had to go to another post office and I had a sore arm to remember it!

Day 224 - Lisa

When we first moved to GA it was completely a dry state on Sundays.  Now, it's okay as long as it's after church.  Aye yi yi!  LOL