Saturday, July 07, 2012

Day 188 - Sis

Today this is the how my world looked to me for quite awhile.  My glasses were missing and both me and my daughter searched my bedroom for them, shaking out clothes I had worn, pjs on the bed,  cabinet drawers, ( not under), closet, under the bed, bedding, nada, no luck.  So for the heck of it I tried Lisa's glasses on and I could see, not for long though.  She just had to have them back to drive her Godson to the airport, geez.  That left me, in the house, with my sunglasses.  Glad I didn't answer the door for anyone or they could have possibly thought I had loss my total sight in the few weeks we lived here or I was a drug user/dealer.  In order to avoid such an encounter I went outside to put in some plants, legal ones.  In so doing I was covered with dirt and was being chewed up by bugs I could not see.  When I finished and the bugs had their appetites sated I came in and took a shower.  Time to put on my pjs and relax, no tv watching though.  As I picked up the pj bottoms my glasses slipped out one leg and hit the floor. I don't know how, I really don't care how. The only explanation I can think of is I wanted to view things from the floor up!

Day 188 - Lisa

No more pizza!  Well boy you kept ordering it!  LOL!  The life of an 11 year old.  Well, we were all pretty zoned out today from two weeks of madness.  We got a lot done considering I had to work and we battled the high heat.  I think my Godson enjoyed himself and we enjoyed having him.  Hoping to see him again in November or Spring time in NYC!!!  It'll be nice to have some control over the TV again.  ;>

Friday, July 06, 2012

Day 187 - Sis

Last day of Jacob's two entertainment weeks and we headed off to Legoland at an Atlanta mall, a very pretty one at that.  Unfortunately it wasn't on the web site that you must order tickets ahead and it was booked solid.  He was a bit disappointed but it didn't stop him from enjoying his Johnny Rockets lunch.  I found something that entertained me this adult/child toilet combo. Notice the scalloped toilet seat for the child?  Made me wonder if kids wondered if these scalloped seats became flat after so much use?  HMMMM.

Day 187 - Lisa

What a day!  Woke up to find out the fence came apart due to the storm during the night.  While trying to fix the small separation the entire 7' panel fell.  I was drenched in sweat trying to get nails to go through the boards.  My mom was sweating from walking back and forth to hold and run tool errands.  We finally go the fence secure, I wiped myself down and we headed to Lego Discover Center to "discover" it was sold out.  Oh man was Jacob disappointed BUT nearly as much as some other crying kids.  We decided to eat at Johnny Rockets for lunch while we figured out what to do with this change in plans.  Well, the Fernbank was having a "Scoop on Poop" exhibit being the day had already started out pretty crappy this sounded like the best plan.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Day 186 - Lisa

We could not do anything during the day because the garden window was being installed so we decided to go see the Stone Mountain laser/fireworks show that night.  It was stinking hot, we got there about an hour before the show.  Ran into two different California couples while there which was fun.  The show, what can I say about the show without being cranky or offensive to the locals?  It's lame, I'll stick with that.  We did get to see and drive home in a pretty awesome thunder and lightening storm!  This was Jacob's only smile during our evening at the Mountain.

Day 186 - Sis

Last window installed. This is a special one for the cat!  Lisa thought a garden window would give sunii a feeling of being outside while safely indoors.  This turned out to be another, "SURPRISE!"  Yep, needed some extras, like proper support.  When the worker took out the old double windows the installer found the original supports weren't enough and would not hold the weight for the new kitty window. If it wasn't done we possibly would have had the main floor in the basement. This cat better be happy with her view or at least learn to clean the damn thing!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Day 185 - Lisa

We spent 4th of July at the Georgia Aquarium pleasantly surprised at how well done it is.  Jacob had a blast.  Pretty sure it was his favorite thing to do while here.  The big tank was amazing.  Loved how they had tanks surrounding you every where you went.  We had some cool moments but could have done without the Dolphin Tales.  Wow was that bad.  And the complete rip off of Finding Nemo with that Deppo thing, I can't believe Disney did not go after them about that.  LOL  Okay, okay stop Lisa cause otherwise it was a great day!  Make sure you check out my videos below.

Day 185 - Sis

Fun day with great-nephew Jacob at the Georgia Aquarium. One display was all about frogs.  How could these pretty little ones be so darn dangerous?  Of course some women have been asking that question about men for many centuries. Go ahead kiss one!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Day 184 - Lisa

Back in my day, this would have been me with a Nancy Drew book or an Archies comic book.  One thing that hasn't changed over the years is the appeal of Mad magazine.  I could never get enough of those either.  Ah, the good life, the summer vacation nights of laying in bed or on the floor reading till 3am with no where to go the next day.

Day 184 - Sis

Unpacking has had it's oooh and ah moments but this one made me wonder if I'm a great sale shopper or a future cookie making queen.  And the bigger question is how soon can we get the shelves up in the garage to store these bonus buys?

Monday, July 02, 2012

Day 183 - Lisa

I drive past this store all the time, never ever thought I'd go inside but news to me is that my Godson is into comic books.  Our first adventure into here was to find the latest Mad magazine with Spiderman on the cover.  Today it was to buy two more Batman books.  I forgot being we are away from all kids just how much running around is required when you have little ones.  LOL  I'm weakening as each day passes.

Day 183 - Sis

I love apricots.  When I was little, my Aunt Mary and Uncle Frank, ( Mom's older sister, by 21 years and brother-in-law), owned apricot orchards and it was like heaven for me and my siblings to visit. We would go to the ranch  during the summer when the "cots" were covering all the tree branches and we could play in the trench with cool water flowing from the pump all around the orchard.  We would also set up our team, some to stand watch at the small, wooden, garage doors, others to go in and grab some dried apricots before someone caught us!  Still think the apricots from Hollister was one of the best reasons to travel there. ;-)

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Day 182- Sis

Back to Atlanta for a tour of CNN at 2:30 and the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil at 4. The CNN tour was interesting but think I'd do it during the week next time.  It was a pretty quiet news day so you didn't get the feel of a vibrant work atmosphere.  The tour guide was very informed and reeled of news broadcasting points quite fast.  I enjoyed seeing how they set up the different screens and how quickly they must process and deliver the news on air. The whole building besides newsrooms has restaurants, souvenir stores and the hotel.  The Cirque du Soleia was outstanding!.  Of course if you're a Michael Jackson fan it is a treat in so many ways and if you're not, it's a treat in so many ways.  Dancing, music, acrobatics, it's all there with lights and pyrotechnics.  People of all walks of lives, races and ages were having a fantastic time.  It was nice to leave there watching everyone with smiles on their faces.

Day 182 - Lisa

Today we all slept in a little.  We went to CNN for the Studio Tour in the early afternoon because it is "right" next door to Philips Arena where the Michael Jackson, THE IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR, by Cirque du Soleil was playing and we had tickets.  We are multi-generational fans of MJ so we were all looking forward to it.  The show did not disappoint.  Yes, I think you have to be a fan and no, it did not have the typical Cirque acrobats I've seen before in their other shows but it was still fantastic.  The special effects, imagination, dancing, costumes and live band along with the play against the videos was awesome to us.  Seems everyone around us loved it too.  We were 2 rows from center stage on the floor.  The performers would come right up to our area.  The opening about Michael's childhood and the projected pictures in the opening segment had me bawling like a baby, really emotional.  I mean this was my first crush, my childhood was filled with Jackson Five music.  I waited for each 45 and album to come out, watched the cartoons, read all about them in Tiger Beat.  LOL!  So for me, personally, it was a bit of closure regarding his death.  Say what you want about his later issues, Michael was a musical genius and we grew up together so I was very pleased to be able to see this show as I never got to see him perform live.

Oh yeah the picture on the bottom is me sweating while playing peewee golf last night.  The kid so owes us when he's older!