Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week 12 - Sis

Going from a beautiful week of sunny weather to one that is the opposite is not working for me.. Most of us know life can be a carnival, rocky at times or even a puzzle and think my week has covered all three parts. March Madness can represent more than a basketball tournament, although this year's event truly was madness with some surprising upsets. My own upset came when Ohio State lost! The most exciting part of the week was Saturday night's storm which sounded like a direct hit over our apartment. The news of Elizabeth Taylor and Geraldine Ferraro's deaths was a loss of strong, stand out representatives in the arts, politics and human rights. Hoping the new week will lift us all up, brighten our days and give me a couple of payoffs from the pools I'm playing in.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 11 - Lisa

Sad week.  Our cousin, Carol, or as she is known in our family, Sis, passed away.  So not a lot to report as my attention was mainly focused on her, her family and our entire family.  Other than that we are consumed by March Madness.  I gleefully rode through all of Thursday in first place but my underdog picks late in the night sent me spiraling to the bottom of the pack.  By Sunday night I had a severe case of  "potty mouth." We experienced the Super Moon on Saturday.  As my mom wrote it was kind of disappointing.  I did try the different color modes on my camera for some interesting results.  The last picture below is my favorite.

Week 11- Sis

Our view of the Super Moon was a bit disappointing last night. Thought it would be much larger but have to say it was very bright. It appeared after a lovely day in the 80's and then dragged those clouds into an overcast Sunday. Back to sunshine and warmer temps this week.

March Madness is just that. Notes, stats all reviewed and written on multiple pieces of paper and then transferred to my brackets sheet. One thing, red circles on the paper are not good. Heading to the Sweet Sixteen with a 1st place position in one pool and 16th place in a very large pool. Nope, no extra points for being 16th going into the Sweet Sixteen but thank you anyway.

Just like this one orange tulip Sis, you stood out in your family. Memories will sustain us in our lives and from the sadness of losing you too soon.Rest in peace cousin you will be missed but you are in our hearts always.