Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 23 - Lisa

Everything is in full bloom!  Gorgeous to drive around and see all the pretty flowers. Course a co-worker decided that the huge beautiful magnolias outside our office door would look pretty in a jar near my desk.  I'm pretty sure this was an act of cruelty but I can't prove it.  I instantly had a nose that made me look like Jimmy Durante.  Below are two favorites I took on my drive home from work.

Week 23 - Sis

I'm pretty sure the real purpose of me living in this state is to keep the bug population thriving. There are days I feel like the bug buffet specialty menu. Can hear them as they circle, "I'll take a few bites of the forearm, oh look elbows tonight and ankles, oh I do so love ankles!" I mean, I get that I'm aged and well marbled but more bumps and lumps on my body are not needed. I'm beginning to think the sunblock, that's suppose to protect my skin, is actually tenderizing it!