Sunday, October 02, 2011

Week 39 - Lisa

After much debate with myself I decided against a SLR camera and went with a higher end point and shoot.  So here's a few warm-up shots to familiarize myself with my new toy before vacation comes around.  LOVE IT!  So crisp and clear.  Oh yeah, the corn on the cob shots is another example of my condition.  You know, that problem with "order."  As my abuela Emily used to say, "it's alright, I'm all wrong."

Week 39 - Sis

Not much to report but was happy to receive my team gear and now it officially feels like football season. Leading in one pool and second in the other. This might really fry some football fanatics who are playing in the pools since I don't pay much attention to it, compared to baseball I mean. Naturally had to contact one my sisters to buy and export the stuff to me as the 49ers just don't have a big following in Georgia! Pays to know someone who works at Target and can get things at reasonable prices. Also this sister, Judy to some, Chickie to family, is a rabid Raider fan so you know she has to love me. :-) Having alterations done on the shirts since my horizontal number is proportionally higher than my vertical. A mere 4 inches must be discarded before they stop looking like nightshirts. I'm sure while wearing them in the Northeast I will impress the Bills, Patriot, Giants and Jets fans this coming week. Oh the little Giant helmet and baseball erasers? Just a bonus from my sister, as she's a Giant fan too.;-