Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 300 - Sis

Today I took notice of my neighbor's little tree and it's loss of leaves.  Wondering how long it will doggedly hold on to what's left of its foliage and reminds me of the season ahead.  Another reminder to enjoy today and those who fill it, for whatever season of life we're in.

Day 300 - Lisa

As my mama shared earlier in the week when the Aguayos' came for their visit they brought us our beloved Casper's Hot Dogs.  Tonight we steamed them and I got to have a cheese dog before Game 3 of the World Series!  Yeah Baby!  Giants up 3-0, so many records broken, outstanding pitching, timely hitting, and awesome defense.  We are in our glory.  I love OCTOBER!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 299 - Sis

Ok so this is the guy, PSY,  who is responsible for this year's fad dance.  I've seen him on tv performing this hit of his and though it's not my taste in music,  can understand why it's fun for others. "Oppa is Gangnam Style" are part of the chorus. I do suffer from mondegreens syndrome, (mishearing or misinterpretation of phrases), which has entertained many in my family.  I swear part of the lyrics is, "Georgia is Gangnam style!"

Day 299 - Lisa

Owning a home where both persons have strong opinions and personalities calls for a lot of compromise.  My mom had to do the compromising on this one.  She hates my purple pumpkin and I love it!  So cool when it's lit up.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 298 - Lisa

What more could my sister ask for?  Game 2 of the World Series, Giants playing awesome and it's her birthday!  Oh bummer, she had a staff meeting tonight.  I highly doubt that curbed her excitement!  Happy Birthday George!

Day 298 - Sis

While our friends, Beto and Priscilla, were here Lisa and I each prepared some dishes they hadn't eaten before, they actually liked them. So we said we would give them the recipes to try at home. When I tried to find one of mine I was in a hurry and went to the internet to get it.  Found one that was close to the one I use, so printed it and gave it to Priscilla.  Well per a call this morning, she told me it didn't come out the same as mine when she prepared it, oops. I am now digging through the unorganized recipes to find that Sicilian Au Gratin, potato, onion dish. This could take days.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 297 - Lisa

Giants enthusiasm is at a fever pitch.  Friends in Disneyland sent me this picture.  They discovered this lady in a line ride.  Instantly sent text message to my sister, home in the Bay Area - FIND THIS!  My brother-in-law who works in San Francisco daily is on a mission!  Thanks Steve!

Day 297 - Sis

Our cellular blinds were installed today and make a big difference from brown packing paper in the windows. Number one they cover all of the window and two, we don't have to untape them to change their position. The  way we, young and broke, wives covered our windows in the 1960's was a much different process.  For a few dollars we would purchase curtains, drapes  at Woolworths, Grants or some other low cost store and hang them on a thin metal rod held by a few hooks in the wall.  It was great when people would compliment the coverings and I would tell them to feel the texture and see the surprised look on their faces.  Plastic?  Yep, worth every cent, although we had to be mindful in those smoking days not to sit too close to them with a lit cigarette!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 296 - Sis

Watching the Worlds Series tonight when the Giants started scoring  on the Tiger's elite pitcher, made me feel like Elliot when he went to say goodbye to his friend and E.T.'s heart light started to shine again. Crazy hysterical babbling and laughter!

Day 296 - Lisa

After Sunday's injury I spent Monday mostly in pain.  In order to work from home I had to get to the basement.  My choices were the stairs or the hill.  I chose the hill.  Good thing there was no rain.  Not that we are pros at knee injuries but not did I have a cane but I had choices.  ;>  Thanks to my mama for bringing me down the java and carafe!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 295 - Sis

oneeya has found her perfect napping, viewing and guarding room!  After all we do call it our sitting room!

Day 295 - Lisa

The Giants win the Pennant!  Wow! Wow! Wow!  We were so nervous all day with excitement and anticipation for the Big Game 7.  Only the 2nd time in San Francisco history to be in a game 7.  1962 was the other year and that did not end so well but not tonight!  National League Champions.  Bring on the Tigers!  oneeya even got into the spirit.  She's perfect, she's orange!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 294 - Sis

Up early to say goodbye to my friends and when Lisa returned from driving Beto and Priscilla Aguayo to the airport, she fixed us a breakfast of tasty leftovers.  Now it's back to our Sunday routine at this time of the year, especially this year.   Some football games and for us Giants fans, a HUGE baseball game 6 of the NLCS to get us to tomorrow or end our bid for the National League championship and a World Series berth.

Day 294 - Lisa

It was an excellent Sunday!  The Giants won game 6 after being on the brink of elimination!  Got to BBQ some shrimp for dinner.  We didn't have Rally Enchiladas but I sure hope we get another week of baseball so we can!  Some people may roll their eyes at social networking but it has sure made living away from family, friends and the things we love much easier.  While we cannot go to the Giants games anymore between Tweeter and FB we still feel apart of it.