Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week 25 - Sis

On week 18 I bought this "Topsy Turvy " tomato planter because I love fresh tasty tomatoes, the smell alone sends me down memory lane. At the time I didn't realize the seedling does not come with this bargain or the soil. Okay, so for under $20 it was something that didn't take up much space and I see many of them hanging throughout the complex we live in, good sign of success ahead. When I purchased the seedling, which actually was a little bigger than a seedling, there were two plants in the container, so I threw one in an empty planter I had with a bit of soil and placed it on the Topsy Turvy box. So here it is seven weeks later and after now buying a plant stand, bigger planter and more soil, the extra seedling is far outgrowing the "easy to grow" seedling. 

Oh let me mention, in order to water my planter, my daughter purchased a 3 step ladder for me to reach the opening to pour the water in. Sigh, and in order for me, the vertical challenged gardener, I have to stand on the top step to do this watering. Thankfully for the summer storms the watering times have been shortened, along with the multiple trips, in and out of the apartment to get the water with the two watering containers I have. Of course the benefit is my calf and quad muscles are improving because I must climb the step stool three times to water it properly. Oh, you can multiply that climb by three since I also have two flower planters to maintain. It's now has cost over $100 for my small tomato farm. In addition to my aching muscles, gallons of extra water appearing on the water bill for a crop that hasn't made an appearance yet, I will have to make another trip to the store to buy stakes to hold up that extra plant. That's it, I'm applying for a farm subsidy! Oh the basil is producing a bumper crop. ;-

Week 25 - Lisa

Fireworks IN the grocery store?  Never in my entire 48 years have I seen this in California.

Wonder why the picture below?  This bar has been a form of contention in our apartment complex since I moved here.  Until this pictured metal bar was inserted about two weeks ago they had always used wood.  You'd drive up on any given day and find it broken, splintered, half the board down the lane.  People would blow through lacking patience for it to lift.  This was cause for constant conversation between my mom and I about the idiots who break it. I noticed that the bar is taking a really long time to come down  as the cars ahead of me pass through.  So the other day, a small sedan of some sort goes zooming through in front of me, thinking I had plenty of time, I went through too.  All of a sudden that evil possessed metal monster comes flying down.  We hear this loud thump!  I just know this thing karate chopped the roof of my 4Runner in half.  Then I hear it again.  Oh crud, it hit so hard it bounced up and came back down again.  As I look back in my rear view mirrow I see that the metal bar is now bent at the spot it hit the corner of the roof.  Uh oh.  I wonder if there are video cameras?  Will I be in trouble?  We park and I look for damage, nothing any more scratched then the rest of my beat up truck.  Fast forward a couple days and we drive up and I notice the bar is a lot shorter.  I tell my mom, "Well I wonder what idiot broke the bar this time?"