Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 49 - Sis

Received these on my birthday, from Lisa, so pretty. Think she must have been listening to Prince when she ordered the bouquet, "Purple rain, purple rain". Happy it wasn't Prince singing, Little Nikki!

Day 49 - Lisa

Today was my mom's birthday.  I had already bought her a ticket to see the Jersey Boys in a few months as her birthday gift but being we are all alone out here in JoJah, I didn't want her to feel like there was no celebration. Being I'm working 12 hour days I'm limited to what I could do.  So I ordered her some pretty purple flowers that represent FEBRUARY.  Being we'd "just" had a coconut cake (her favorite) I decided to order some candy to go with the flowers.  It didn't say what they were, just a box of chocolates as Forest would say.  I get home and see what she got. Aye yi yi.  Well, it's not See's, sorry Mom.  And to top it off, they are pecan carmel clusters or turtles as we know them in California.  She hates these but I love them.  Um ok, I promise next weekend we'll go somewhere good for dinner.  LOL

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 48 - Sis

I love this pair of shoes, guess that's apparent. They were so comfortable but will be saying goodbye to them with much sadness. Sob!

Day 48 - Lisa

So my mom shared her TWO calendars several days ago.  Explaining how she uses them.  Meanwhile, I never really use a calendar at home.  Yet, they keep coming in the mail.  I love the beautiful pictures but I usually change from February to June around June 28th or something like that.  I never remember to flip to the next month.  And look at this National Geographic one with all the pretty flowers.  Yep, there it sits.  I'm going to hang it up.  Let's see what month I remember to switch from February this year.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 47 - Sis

Love this little bag/purse my sister, Madeline, sent me for my upcoming birthday. She bought me something representing our Mexican heritage at the store, Tu Tienda Azteca. Have to go on their website to look around. The colors and Frida Kahlo in the corner of the bag are great.

Day 47 - Lisa

Seems kind of funny that a chick who never looks like she has make-up on would have this many sticks of lipstick, right?  <sigh>  And yet she keeps buying more.  As you can see she really stretches herself color wise.  Okay, I'm talking about me.  I knew I'd have to spell that out.  I'm just not a good female.  I apply mascara, some shadow and lipstick every day before I leave the house but after one cup of coffee the lipstick is gone.  After one phone call or a meeting, I usually wipe the eye shadow off from rubbing my face in exasperation.  The mascara comes off because of runny eyes due to the pine, magnolia, sweet grass, or tears of frustration.  So why do I even bother?  By the time 5pm comes I look like I just rolled out of bed.  I was never meant to be Audrey Hepburn that's for sure.  We won't even go into the hair issues.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 46 - Sis

Stepped outside to walk the dog and this was in the pathway! It was every where and looked like something out of a movie scene, hairy transformer or diggings of very large gophers came to mind. Nope just time for the roots of the shrubs and trees to be covered with pine straw. Don't know if that means a late winter or an early spring.

Day 46 - Lisa

I rank 4th on the family totem pole 'round here.  Try to guess who number 1 is?  My Lord, all she did was go outside to get a box of Coke from the truck.  You would have thought she'd left the country.  LOL!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 45 - Lisa

Valentine's Day!  A big whatever from me.  Never, ever got it.  In or out of love.  After two years of working at Hallmark there are few things that can still get my blood pressure up; Precious Moments, Hello Kitty and Valentine's Day.  I will never forget the not one or two but many men who'd say to me sweetly, "Miss can you help me pick out cards for my mother, wife and GIRLFRIEND?"  Um, no scumbag, I can't.  I should have known then Customer Service was really not my bag.  So this morning I was a tad overwhelmed when the goodies and excitement swirled around me at work.  Cookies!  Cupcakes!  Donuts!  Decorations!  Wow!  These Southerns take their Valentine's pretty seriously.  So I sucked it up and had a cupcake for breakfast to celebrate.  The banana balanced things out.

Day 45 - Sis

Package received from Landa my second daughter. Yes, yes, yes to the sports gear, those little globes of California sunshine and a nice surprise for her sister too. Thank you Landa!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 44 - Lisa

My sister and I used to play this game when we were teenagers.  I "thought" we figured it out on our own.  We'd whip each other into a fit of giggles with combinations like, "you are the cheese on my chimichunga," "you are the meringue on my lemon pie," "you are the refried beans to my rice," "you are the salsa to my chips."  On and on we'd go dreaming up funny combinations.  I seen this in a movie recently, I cannot remember the name of it.  I flipped out.  And now my sister surprised me today.  In the mail was this large plaque.  Almost made me cry I was so touched, immediately I reflected about those fun times, just the two of us entertaining ourselves while laying in our beds, or while driving on a long trip, or sitting at a ballgame.  Laughing while really saying - I LOVE YOU SISTER!  So George, "you are the sweet surprise in my mailbox!" 

Day 44 - Sis

Don't know how to get across to my dog that toys are for playing not destroying!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 43 - Lisa

I think Gallo owes us stock or a cut for all the marketing we do for them.  Thank you Tia for the four big sticks.  A few of my co-workers will be very happy!  LOL  I've turned them out to San Francisco salami.  I'm pretty sure our regular readers are rolling their eyes - "alright already, enough of the salami talk."

Day 43 - Sis

Living in a gated complex gives a sense of security but also makes it a bit difficult at times to leave the premises on foot. I must carry the large garbage bag to the compactor outside the gates but unless I time it right, as a car is leaving or entering the premises, I must walk to a another area, up a few stairs and open another gate to exit. We do have a card key but I don't always remember to carry it on my person and it only works for entering. This means I must traipse up to the pedestrian small gate, try to remember the code and then struggle with opening the gate. Well now with this little remote attached to my keys I am free to come and go without waiting for cars to exit or enter. A little press of the button is all I need to be free. Lovely, just lovely little remote!