Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 177 - Lisa

In trying to find my Godson some outdoor activities I ended up along with a basketball buying a Croquet set for us to play.  I did not anticipate it being 100 degrees every night <rolling eyes>.  He was pretty excited to give the game a try.  He set up the course on  a hill.  We didn't play uphill or downhill we played sidehill.  So naturally the balls kept rolling and rolling and rolling.  He didn't care he kept slamming the ball all over the yard working up a sweat as I dinked my ball around the course, through the little gates patiently.  LOL!  It dawned on him after his shirt was soaking wet that he was working really hard and going nowhere, meanwhile Nina was smoking him.  I told him, "that's what GodMamas are for; to prep you for life."  He then hit his ball right besides mine setting me up for the kill.  See you downhill son....like a long long way downhill.  Life is hard kid, put on your big boy drawers!

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