Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Week 17 - Lisa

Last week while my sister-cousin (we've watched Cat on a Hot Tin Roof way too much) was in town for a visit.  As my mom stated we went to The King Center and the Margaret Mitchell House which might be the worst tourist attraction I've ever been to.  Now do not get me wrong, there were some cool artifacts like the Underwood typewriter below.  And Margaret was a beautiful woman.  Too bad they were uber snotty, the tour was overpriced and our guide was insufferable. Not to sound like an old bag but she could not have been more than twenty, I wanted to say "does your Mama approve of this attitude?"  Truly this place only exists to pump dollars out of excited Atlanta tourists who love "Gone With the Wind."  Grrr!  We got to go into Margaret's apartment for about 10 minutes tops.  And the tour was over.

Week 17 - Sis

Okay it's more like week 17 1/2 since I'm three days past Sunday, that's Wednesday to you. Let's see what excuse do I have for this tardy posting? I'm old, I'm tired, I'm old, I'm tired, that seems to cover it. Other reason - we had company for five days and were on the go most of the time. Forgot how exhausting entertaining is. Back hurts, feet hurt, face hurts, smiling uses a lot of muscles. I mean being nice and smiling for that many days is wearing! Our guest is one of my nieces, the one who lived with us from the age 6 months to 7 years old. No she was not a child prodigy and leaving us for college but returned to live with her mother. During her visit we did some sightseeing, hitting some of the familiar places, with the MLK being the top choice. As many before her, she was very impressed with all the features in this national park and its exhibits. We also visited the "home" of an author who wrote a famous book back in the 30's, something about air turbulence disappearing. ;-) The home turned out to be a very small apartment, in part of a building, that housed other apartments lived in today. We decided it was a real come on for a gift shop. I'm sure I could put more words down but that requires typing and as I said, " I'm tired, I'm old." Maybe I can try again on Sunday.