Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week 29 - Lisa

I wish this week would have had more kicking back with our doggie in my lap but unfortunately it was wild and crazy for me.  So not a whole lot to share this week.

Am in New Orleans?  Nope, downtown old Stone Mountain.  It was a beautiful hot summer night eating dinner at a favorite restaurant - Wells Cargo.

Week 29 - Sis

 For two weeks I was looking for my iPod, praying I didn't lose it. My daughter was convinced I did and with my past history for losing items, it would seem to make her opinion valid. You know how it is, searching everywhere you can think you may have possibly put or dropped it? Usually I put it with my camera on the desk that holds the computer, printer and office supplies. When I first noticed it was missing I tried just about every place, even the remotest areas in the apartment, truck, etc. No music, no life! This past week I reached over to get something and there it was, under the printer. I swear that was one of the places I looked multiple times! My suspicion is my daughter moves my stuff around every once in a while as a sick treasure hunt so I don't get bored at home. Maybe it's payback for not thinking her cat is the smartest, prettiest or for me hooking the cat on catnip to the point of addiction. Or could it be she doesn't enjoy hearing me singing along, too loud and off key? Oh yeah? Then go to your room Lisa!