Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 179 - Lisa

My mom found this picture to show to Jacob.  It's of my sister Yolanda, sister Alesia and cousin Monica (Jacob's mom) back on October 27, 1974.  We were camping at Hogan's Lake in California.  My parents were not expert campers so everything was an adventure.  We all woke up with headaches cause my dad pitched the tent slanted downhill.  He got so frustrated trying to light our campfire, he reached for the gasoline, poured it on the fire and blew his eyebrows off.  We had to sacrafice a jar of blueberry jam to get all the bees wasted so they'd leave us alone to eat.  And we camped next to a group of single guys who blared Ray Stevens Ahab the Arab and his other songs till about 3 in the morning.  And when I look back on this weekend I just remember it was so much FUN!

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