Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 105 - Lisa

Warning:  don't look Laura!  oneeya did not know how to play when she first came to us.  She has learned how in the year she's been with us.  One area she still needs work on is containing her excitement when greeting us.  Especially when you attempt to lay or sit on the rug with her.  Tonight she came at me like a "stud" missile launched at close range.  She caught my foot and somehow bent my baby toe back.  I swore it was broken but the instant swelling and bleeding said otherwise as did the rug burn across the back of my heel. Yowza!  Meanwhile she thought it was GREAT that I was rolling around on the rug.  Nevermind the tears!  Let's play!

Day 105 - Sis

This plane's flume, look very closely, made me think of when I was kid and could lie in the field next to our house and pass a few hours viewing things all around me. Of course the clouds forming different images of people, animals and other objects took up some time. Now watching an army of ants carrying a bug's dead carcass somewhere, was really time consuming. On my back chewing a sweet blade of grass, yuck when I think of all the animals that probably "went" there. It was a time most kids now have only heard about and haven't experienced. Might seem boring to them since the need to be entertained has become so much a part of their lives. Truly sad for them.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 104 - Lisa

My friend, Jason Tracewell, a graphic designer, came up with this shirt.  If you are a Big Bang Theory fan you will get it.  He had a record-breaking sales day on selling this clever take on the Sheldon catch phrase.  Even Will Wheaton bought a couple.  Hopefully, I get to say "I knew him when" someday.

Day 104 - Sis

You know I do share my bed with oneeya or vice/versa but I draw the line if the cat thinks she's taking over the other side!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 103 - Lisa

Not the most exciting picture but it marks the end of an era.  I've had my taxes done by our tax lady for over 20 years.  However this year I had to go to good ole H&R Block due to time constraints.  Boo hoo!

Day 103 - Sis

This little flower caught my eye, no, not literally I'm not that tall. Ahem, when I was out walking I saw this small tree/shrub and the bloom was so delicate and perfect looking. So appreciative of Mother Nature's color and design choices.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 102 - Lisa

The kitchen design is almost complete.  Now to have some action to go along with the planning.  Tonight we picked out our backsplash.  I'm callling it Coke bottle green with just a dash of mosaic to make it (using the most overused saying in the past couple years) POP!  Monochromatic baby!  To celebrate our decision making with no blood or tears between us, I enjoyed this tasty drink with my dinner tonight.

Day 102 - Sis

One year ago today, oneeya came home to live with Lisa and I. I picked her out from the Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption center. She has more than filled my need for a canine companion that is loving and well behaved, hopefully I'm the same for her! Even the snooty cat, sunii, also adopted from the same place by my daughter, is won over by this sweet girl. Me, my daughter, the cat, are all very happy and appreciate oneeya so much we have bought her a house with a very large yard. ;-

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 101 - Lisa

Y!  Because I like her, that is Y my sister is getting this stationary I found.  Y for Yolanda!

Day 101 - Sis

Another kill for sunii. I have to be thankful to her, I guess, because I must bend over to pick it up and she has provided me a small exercise program in the process. I'd really appreciate it if she wouldn't stretch them out though my hair isn't as thick as hers.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Day 99 - Sis

Today we spent part of Easter at Sears, purchased one of the appliances on our list, one down. In the parking lot another sign of Spring was there, the carnival at the mall! Somehow this day doesn't remind me of past Easters.

Day 99 - Lisa

We spent our Easter in Sears!