Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 8 - Lisa

Discovered an outlet for the creative juices at a place called Art & Soul out in Sandy Springs this week.  Spent three hours painting at this small studio.  Our pieces of art, which indeed will be in the eye of the beholder, will be ready next weekend.  A good deal in our minds; included in price is the piece of pottery, as much paint as you need, the facility to do your work, the firing in kiln and the coating to make it microwave and dishwasher safe.  You may stay as long as you like and bring food and drinks if you want.  There were lots of more expensive and larger pieces of pottery we'd like to challenge ourselves with IF the small pieces we did come out half way decent.  Definitely not as easy as it looks.  As the chalky paint does not reflect the colors of the finished tiles.  So you have to use your imagination as you are painting.  Mom created a flower pot and I chose colors to reflect the teal blue, light green and browns to go in my future bedroom for a possible vase, toothbrush or junk holder.  My mom can draw, I cannot!  I'm pretty sure this is a place we'll return too.

Week 8 - Sis

More than a year ago a LARGE underground water pipe broke in the apartment complex entrance. Due to a legal battle between the complex and the county, as to who was responsible being recently settled, the repairs finally began last week. Unfortunately the repairs caused the removal of many pine trees that filled this space. Now of course there is no shortage of trees in Georgia but wondering how the residents in the apartments facing this scene will do in the hot summer days and dusty work days that will occur? Also how many trees produce this weekly amount of junk mail? In order to put off grocery shopping one more day and not having to travel too far, we ate at a Chinese restaurant very near to our apartment for the first time. Food was filling and okay but we're still looking for that Chinese eatery that serves food we love and at a reasonable price. Although the meal wasn't what we hoped for, the establishment was very pretty inside and I love the colors, artwork and furniture. I don't know if this bird is watching and reporting illegal users of this space or if he has his own permit to park here. Hope the coming week is a good one and on Saturday we will be happy with our art work that Lisa wrote about. Pssst, I don't draw any better than a second grader.