Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 46 - Sis

While I was home I met some of the newer additions to the family and reintroduced myself to other young ones. Remember when older relatives use to look at you and just smile and you had no idea why? Well now I know. They were looking at us and seeing the innocence, curiosity, potential and beauty of each one of us. Here are the ones I watched and smiled at whenever I saw them. Looks like while I was gone Lisa must have picked up a few things at the grocery store besides Thanksgiving supplies. not sure if she planned on opening a pizza parlor or had a dream that there would be a gigantic cheese shortage!

Week 46 - Lisa

We lost my Tia Connie on the 17th.  Not a whole lot to post this week.  It's been hectic and difficult to be away from my family during times like this.  We all want to help.  Thankfully we have a big loving dysfunctional family that knows how to rally and care for our loved ones during their last days.  My mom was able to be with her sisters and I'm grateful for that.  RIP Tia.  I am glad you are home withe Lord free of your many pains.  My fondest memories are of us in Tia Berta and your room on Pensacola singing and dancing to Mr. Postman and other Motown hits with our hairbrush microphones, mini-skirts and go-go boots.  We were not that many years a part for an aunt and niece so in some ways it's like losing an older sister.