Sunday, September 04, 2011

Week 35 - Lisa

For my California family & friends another unidentified larger than life flying something.

They like to watch Anderson Cooper 360 together nightly and discuss world events.

Is that a python?  No, just Miss Congeniality - sunii.

Week 35 - Sis

We haven't been doing much lately but I find myself not having enough time to do anything. My time management skills seem to be on the fritz. Now some will think it's age, (shut up!), others might suggest fatigue, stress or just laziness, yawn. This has brought me to enlist the nosiest resident here to relieve me from some of the interruptions in my day. sunii is now my unofficial and very small telephone call screener. She works from many positions for only having one position. Oh the Christmas card? That's either very late or very early and was sent from my daughter Yolanda; seems time management, or lack of, can be hereditary.